Embracing madness

IF you ask me, our society is training and conditioning the masses to be willfully stupid.  Here is just one of the latest tales of the bizarre among youth of our modern world:

TEENAGE ALTER-EGOS AND ONLINE PERSONAS (Friday Church News Notes, May 15, 2015, www.wayoflife.org, fbns@wayoflife.org, 866-295-4143) – The following is excerpted from “Not White in the Head: The Tumblr teens convinced they were born the wrong species, sex and even race,” Breitbart.com, Jan. 16, 2015: “Greed, selfishness, too much spare time and access to the internet can have a curious effect on some people. And when you throw in the modern tendency toward whining entitlement and the perpetual broadcast of every thought, feeling and inclination, something truly weird emerges: people who demand to be regarded and treated as things they are self-evidently not, such as white girls advertising to the world that they are ‘mentally black’ and tortured musicians who advertise their ‘true’ Romany identity despite having no gypsy blood in their veins whatsoever. … To understand this bizarre world of people who believe they are trans-species or trans-ethnic or trans-cultural, it is best to start with the marginally less weird world of ‘furries.’ Furries are people who have created a ‘fursona,’ a sort of animal character to which they relate and which in many cases they leverage as part of their sexual identity, normally to overcome self-doubt or self-confidence issues. … Yet furries are merely a stepping stone between normal people and online cultures where people reject their real identity entirely, because they say there is a mismatch between their mental identity and their physical bodies. The largest of these subcultures, after trangenderism itself, is known as ‘otherkin.’ … Like furries, otherkin often create online avatars which they hide behind, but instead of keeping their real selves separate from psychosocial or sexual imaginings, they seem to believe that the character they have created is a truer reflection of who they ‘really are.’ Some otherkins believe they are literally not human, while others believe that only their soul is non-human and that they are trapped in the wrong body. It can sometimes look like an unintentionally funny free-for-all. But whether you think you are a reincarnation of a Cherokee man-beast, you think you come from a long line of otherkin field mice or you think your soul flew in from a parallel universe (we do not jest), anything is permissible in the ego-centric world of otherkin. …. And otherkin can sometimes believe they are very strange things indeed. Dragons, werewolves, angels, demons, elves, cartoon characters. It’s amazing what alienation from mainstream society can do to the imagination.”(Source)


How about this as a mind-blower?

Republicans Kill Plan to Consider Illegal Immigrants as U.S. Military Recruits

What? We are flooded with illegals, with no means for DHS to even do criminal background checks on them in the nations they are flocking in from, and someone thought filling the ranks of our military with these guys was a good idea?  I’m surprised anyone in the Republican ranks was awake enough to catch this one and nip it in the bud!  The sad fact is, the Republicans were pretty split on this issue.


And there’s this (from BarbWire via The Black Kettle):

The Next Grand Idiocy: ‘Microagression’

That one’s gotta be right up there with the “White Appreciation Day” debacle. I’ll see your offense at my offense, and raise you a riot for your microaggression”.  Or Checkmate. Or…..what game are we playing again? Wait, I guess I’m just a little slow catching onto the higher logic they’re teaching in college these days:

The BarbWire article asks:

“Microaggression, what’s that?

It’s “unintended discrimination,” behavior that, “without conscious choice of the user, has the same effect as conscious, intended discrimination,” according to Wikipedia.
So apparently in Canada now, one can face legal action for unintentional and unconscious offenses.  Lord help those who talk in their sleep!!!!
Ok, so we have people who get angry over the fact one restaurant chose to have a “White Appreciation Day” although discrimination against whites is of course a myth, and this survey shows that more of the bullied kids in school are white, than black or Hispanic. Because of course, there also is no such thing as actually “bullying” a white kid, since, you know, whatever anyone does to them, they had it coming, due to their white privilege and all.
You see, God’s ways are not our ways, and the more the world rejects God’s ways, the more God gives this world over to their willful embrace of idiocy.  For Christians, it will look more and more like universal madness has taken hold, so we should not be surprised or perplexed by what we are witnessing.
I  think this one may top them all, today though.

VA Refuses to Help Injured Vet ’10-Feet’ From Hospital Entrance


Makes you wonder how poor little Dzhokhar Tsarnaev could possibly have ended up getting the Death Penalty, doesn’t it?







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  1. How about Pumpkins! They come out every year at Halloweens and they have been around for a long long time! It´s getting so bad that I have to keep humor up and hang on to the Lord, the word and his promises not to go mad.


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