Strange Sounds From The Sky: What Are The Possible Origins Of These Mysterious Sounds? (Video)

I think the world is going to find out what these noises are soon. And it’s not going to be any less frightening than just hearing them, either!  To readers of Serve Him In The Waiting who will follow the links, there is one video in the post that contains a good deal of offensive language, but the disclaimer is at the beginning so you’ll be able to just skip that one if you want.

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Strange, unidentified sounds have been heard for years over communities of all kinds the world over. Ranging from the insidious “Roar”, which I have personally heard myself, to the unsettling “Voices” and “Shrieks” which haunt those who have encountered them.

This video compiles some of the best strange sky noises and presents them categorically according to their qualitative nature. We then look at some interesting sound analysis which possibly indicates musical qualities as well as the stunning hypothesis of a possible origin of these sounds.

Finally, the video covers some of the more exciting sky sound encounters involving cigar shaped UFOs, eerie flashes, and portal-like appearances accompanied by terrifying rumbles and ghostly trumpets.

Geologists say it’s not in the ground – Air force says it’s not in the air – Astronomers say it’s not from space. What is this sound and Where is it coming from?
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