Naval Chaplain Files Formal Complaint over Christian Persecution – Breitbart

Chaplain Wes Modder spends his days basically alone in the base chapel. He is no longer allowed into his office. By order of his commanding officer, he is not allowed even to speak to the sailors in his unit. If anyone from his unit comes into the chapel, he may not speak with them.

His commanding officer, Captain Jon Fahs, has taken this unusual step because of complaints lodged against Modder by a handful of sailors who claim he is “unable to function in a pluralistic and diverse Navy.” Modder ran into the buzzsaw of political correctness related to human sexuality.

Fahs requested various actions against Modder, including taking him off the promotions list, separating him for cause, and initiating a board of inquiry. None of that has happened yet and, in the meantime, Modder sits alone unable to help his fellow sailors.

Modder was not even allowed to minister to his unit personnel after a recent suicide in the unit.

Modder and his lawyers at the Liberty Institute have taken the highly unusual step of filing a complaint against his commanding officer. According to Modder’s lawyer Mike Berry, it is almost unprecedented for a subordinate officer to file such a complaint.

An Article 138 complaint allows a subordinate to circumvent the chain of command and complain to higher-ups ab

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