The Light Seed: Is Third World America inevitable? | Pat Buchanan

Thousands of U.S. troops safeguard the border of South

Korea. U.S. warships patrol the South China Sea to stand witness to the

territorial claims of Asian allies against China.

U.S. troops move in and out of the Baltic States to signal our willingness to defend the frontiers of these tiny NATO allies.

Yet nothing that happens on these borders imperils America so much as what is happening on our own bleeding border with Mexico.

Over three decades, that border has been a causeway into the USA for

millions of illegal immigrants who are changing the face of America – to

the delight of those who think the country we grew up in was ugly.

All sides of this quarrel have been using the figure of 11 million people here illegally. In her new best-seller “Adios, America!” Ann Coulter makes a compelling case that the real figure is close to 30 million.

If that is true, and if the next president embraces amnesty and a

path to citizenship for illegal immigrants, that will mean the end to

America as the Western nation we have been, and the beginning of

America’s life as what Ann calls, unapologetically, a “Third World


Indeed, when we consider the certain consequences of a failure to

secure the border for six more years, and amnesty for people already

here illegally, igniting a new invasion, we should ask ourselves:

What problem do we Americans confront that will be more easily solved with millions more immigrants?

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