Recent Household Project: Everybody loves rainbows!

Our house is really old.  Early forties, I think, is when it was built.  It has the old big windows that work by weighted blocks held up by rope.  I love the light that it lets in, but there is a feeling of being “on display” when your windows are that big, and that’s probably no problem in the country, but where we live, there are cars running up and down the street a few feet from the house, and neighbors close by on all sides.

Since I love color and light and stained glass, but haven’t had the stamina to get faux-stained glass paints and take on a big experiment, I opted for some ready-made materials, some scraps leftover from some other ready-made window cling, and a couple of items hand-made by someone on EBay to give the accent effect of the Irises in the center “panels” of the windows.  Thus a smaller, easier to handle experiment.  I used copper insulation tape (real copper, thin with adhesive backing used for insulating the electronics in electric guitars and I’m sure many other applications), for my “lead” to outline the design here and there.  I love metals too.  Copper is my current favorite.  Your “things” are not what is important in life, but when it comes to creating an environment, the light and color help me stay upbeat and peaceful at the same time.

Here are some photos.

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2 thoughts on “Recent Household Project: Everybody loves rainbows!

    • Thanks. I got over perfectionistic aspirations a long time ago. I figure the general effect I was going for has been accomplished, lol. We like it.


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