The Light Seed: Reflection on the rainbow

rainbow wedding cake

Reflection on the rainbow

Written and posted by Jean-Louis at The Light Seed on October 21, 2014


The idea to write this post came to me when a few days ago, I saw a

picture of a rainbow cake on Facebook.

I had previously read several articles in the past few years about

Christian businessmen and women who refused to cater to homosexual couples weddings

with their services such as baking the wedding cake with a gay theme, providing the photographers or for a pastor to perform a same sex wedding ceremony.

To read about the baker´s struggle click Two lies our culture has embraced and Christian couple standing firm

They did that not out of hate or

lack of love because true Christians do not hate anybody but on the contrary

love homosexuals with the love of the Lord Jesus who died for the whole world

regardless of what kind of sins they commit. They refused to bend the knee to

the Political Correctness relentless pressure of Cesar out of integrity of

conscience and their desire to not offend the Holy God that they love and


And for that righteous and courageous stance, they were threatened with

heavy fines until they complied with the unjust laws. Some of them ended up losing

their family business altogether.

After all, why would anyone find a wedding cake offensive when it is a

symbol of celebration and of the participation of the guests, family and

friends in the deep love and life commitment of two people who chose to unite their

life in the bond of matrimony?

Usually, I stay out of controversial disputes and arguments. I am a

peace maker and try to follow Paul´s admonition to be ambassadors for Christ

and bring reconciliation between God and man and between men themselves by proclaiming

the good news of the Gospel of Grace and teaching from the Bible.

So, as you will see further on, this study is concerned with the

rainbow and its significance in the lives of men.


The rainbow is one of the magnificent signs the Lord God Almighty

has placed in the heavens for all of mankind to admire and to worship Him.

Characteristic and interesting properties can be

deduced from observing this marvelous heavenly phenomenon.


First, a certain amount of clouds, rain and sunlight has to be present in order for us to

witness the glorious appearance.


Secondly, it takes place in the atmosphere which is the sphere of

Satan´s spiritual influence and operations. It helps us understand the reason why God provides signs that are visible to

all mankind and the lessons we can learn for watching the heavens especially in these precarious and perilous times in

which we live.


Thirdly, I notice that like the wind that you cannot take in your hand, you cannot grab it and say [….]

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6 thoughts on “The Light Seed: Reflection on the rainbow

  1. Yes, I get it. I thought I was getting old! So your filter doesn´t recognize/accept my name and blog name and blocks any comment containing a link? Interesting. Can you give me feedback on my posting comment feature. I don´t get any comment but I don´t remember having changed the parameters. I was wondering because for a while your comments posted directly but then they were put on hold and I had to allow them. I´ll have to check the parameters. My comment blocking works fine in blogspot. I used to get all kinds of junk, but now no more.
    I really like Brother Lawson´s preaching. I was saved through the preaching and witness of the Baptists who are still dear to my heart. Unfortunately, some of the SBs have gone astray and apostatized. But now I am talking about 50 years ago in Kentucky and 25 years ago in NC. What a change in so little time. I have a kindred spirit of heart and mind with Pr. Lawson who is very knowledgeable, albeit cautious and discerning when it comes to false prophets and teachers. He has a true shepherd´s heart. Thanks for introducing me to him, John Haller and Pr. Farag. I believe they are part of the remnant.


    • Your comments do post directly without my moderation if they don’t contain links. It’s the link that alerts the filter. I actually had it set up originally so that if there was only one link, it still would post but I got a guy who would be fairly reasonable with comments here and there, and then suddenly post something totally offensive. I have gotten accustomed to your comment system. It is three-steps for authentication, so the first couple of times I used it, I check-marked the “prove you are not a robot” box, and it said “great you’re not a robot” but didn’t see the “submit” button which has to be clicked again after that. The third step (which it doesn’t always require) is to type it the letters shown in a box that combines letters and numbers, distorted at funny angles. It’s kind of funny but I actually have trouble making those out a lot of the time. I think it is because I am slightly dyslexic or something. And those come with a button you can click to “hear it” instead, which is meant to help people who can’t make out the letter/number combo, but with my cute little cookie-bit hearing deficit, that thing is useless, and in fact it sounds so creepy to me it gives me the heebie jeebies. LOL. I manage to get my comments to post pretty much without difficulty these days. I’m used to the system now. So don’t change it, lol.


      • I am sorry about the technological advances that are supposed to help us. LOL. I am having the same problem with the #s letters proving I am not a robot thing. so you are quite normal. Thanks. Take care. Have a good week end. Watch for July 4th rainbow fireworks, hey, I am serious. Who can tell these days!


        • Ha, the last time I went to fireworks I think I think both boys were still in elementary school. I don’t like the crowds, the traffic, or the odds when crowds of people gather. Everything is so unstable these days, especially the people.


  2. Yes, unfortunately I had to set my rules for any comment that includes a link, to go into moderation before posting, because of some of the junk God-haters sometimes put in or even spam that on rare occasion makes it past the filter.


  3. I am reposting this because I don´t know if it got through.
    RE YOUR LAST COMMENT: Yes, exactly. I know that´s what it is. It´s a good thing there are a lot of good teachers out there and thanks to the Internet, we can learn and get a fuller understanding and share the treasures the Holy spirit reveals to us.
    Malachi 3 :16-17: 16Then those who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD gave attention and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who fear the LORD and who esteem His name. 17″They will be Mine,” says the LORD of hosts, “on the day that I prepare My own possession, and I will spare them as a man spares his own son who serves him.”…
    That´s exactly what we need to do and are doing. This promotes unity and reestablishes the balance that can be lost when we favor one side over the other when it comes to sound bible doctrine. We are so prone to misunsunderstand and propagate error unwittingly most of the time. It´s a good thing to have brothers and sisters who care enough about the truth to be searching together and helping each other along the way. The prerequisite for this type of healthy exchange is to fear the Lord.
    Psalm 103:3 : All within me, Praise His Holy Name!
    …12As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us. 13Just as a father has compassion on his children, So the LORD has compassion on those who fear Him. 14For He Himself knows our frame; He is mindful that we are but dust.…
    CORRECTION: Of course, it´s the Olivet discourse. You know that beyond the proximity of the 2 letters on the keyboard, there is something Portuguese speaker wouldn´t see so much as a typo as a transliteration.
    History of the Jews of the Caribbean , by Ralph G.Bennett
    In 1654, the Portuguese sent a fleet to reconquer their lost Brazilian territory. …. The Jews were accustomed to being forcibly sent away from countries, but this …
    Well we have Mr. Oliver in English, so do they in Portuguese and the Sephardic Jewish Portuguese exiles to Brazil have kept the name “DE OLIVEIRA” meaning “ from the Olive grove”. You can tell I love etymology!
    Thanks for passing along the Rainbow post and providing other missing pieces of the puzzle. We´ll get there soon, I hope. Good courage and a blessed day to all.


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