What ‘Scandalous’ Changes Could Be Coming To The Catholic Church? | Huffpo

(Yeah, emphasis being on he HEALED the sick. He didn’t leave them sick and “call them healed”.  Jesus fulfilled the law for a humanity that cannot fulfill it because we are sinful. The sin is still a problem requiring a solution, and the only solution is Jesus Christ the Messiah–S.T. Lloyd)

Jesuit priest James Martin cautioned that it’s still unclear what the pope meant, exactly, when he said change was on the horizon.

“Notice that he said that God turns what we think is ‘impure, threatening or scandalous’ into something beautiful,” Martin said in an email to HuffPost.

“That could mean almost anything. Remember, though, that Jesus frequently went out to people seen as ‘impure’ #tax collectors, prostitutes, the sick and healed them and restored them to the community. The Pope may be asking us to remember that God can do the same today.”

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