Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off!

Sorry for disappearing on you guys for the past few days.  Had visiting family in, and just didn’t have time, but frankly I needed a break anyway.  Need to focus elsewhere for a few days.  And now I have some catching up to do around the house.

My younger son finally got the car he’s been saving up for, and the Lord led him to “just the one”.  It’s a pretty red Mustang, very well kept and babied by the former owner, who was moving and ready to sell.

In a few weeks we are heading out of state to take said son to camp, and hubby and I will try to squeeze in a nice vacation tooling around exploring Pennsylvania a bit, between York and Woodward.

Any readers in that area?  If so, let me know what attractions we should check out.  We are going spontaneous.  Let the Lord plan the itinerary.

Before long it will be autumn again, and the start of another (our last) school year, if the Lord doesn’t whisk us out of here before then.

I am reading the book series by the author (pen-name) A. American.  Some of you have probably heard of it.  My son who is in the Army, got into the series a year and a half or more ago, and it sounded interesting, but I have so much other reading that I hadn’t sought them out.  My husband picked up the first one, and then bought the next ones in the series, and so having them around, I finally picked up the first one and read it.  It is written from a Prepper perspective, and creates a scenario of the dreaded EMP false flag for the purposes of bringing in the NWO.  The main characters are average American patriot citizens who are awake, self-reliant, and salt-of-the-earth family types, as well as a contingent of “real Army” Oathkeepers types.  It makes for a compelling and often entertaining read, but of course it does not look at the situation through the additional lens of Bible Prophecy.  (I am sooooo glad as I read it, that there is that other piece of the picture!!)  There are Christian characters and characters of all stripes in the stories, but it is a story about surviving a Marxist takeover of America, essentially.  The titles are “Going Home”, “Surviving Home”, “Escaping Home”, and “Forsaking Home”.  I am on the third book.  The fifth book is “Resurrecting Home”, which just came out in December of 2014, so the title indicates the direction of the final outcome.  You might wonder why, if I believe the Lord is coming soon, that I would want to read a book series like that.  It is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure.  But as much as I hope for the Lord to return soon, we know that any prolonging of the interval before then, is for the sake of lost souls getting saved.  I am the kind of person who deals with things better by going ahead and contemplating the worst case scenario.  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst kind of thing, I guess.  Contrary to what the anti-rapture, or mid-trib, post-trib contingents accuse us of, we don’t assume that as American Christians we will never have to suffer persecutions and oppressions.  At this point in time, the scenario depicted in the book is totally possible.

It is utterly unrealistic and impossible, however, for some folks to do much “prepping” for the kinds of catastrophic things that can happen. We know that what is coming down the pike eventually, (the Tribulation itself) is ultimately going to get immeasurably worse than that and no amount of hoarding and stocking up will get people through the actual tribulation.  For me, letting my mind “go there” in terms of how dire conditions could potentially get between now and when the Lord takes us up, is my way of preparing to submit to whatever the Lord sees fit to allow, and letting Him get me mentally and spiritually prepared.  It may not make sense to a lot of people, but it makes some kind of sense to the way I function.  And Christians who dismiss the potential for losing the way of life we have, and refuse to think about it, seem foolish to me, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are being negligent, but rather choosing to savor their blessings while they have them, and will deal with whatever comes when it comes. (That’s me, giving them the benefit of the doubt).  On one hand the scripture says a wise man will store up a little during times of plenty, for lean times, but on the other it also says take no thought for the morrow, what you will eat and what you will put on. We are not supposed to borrow trouble from tomorrow either.  So it’s all a matter of perspective and moderation and faith and walking circumspect.  God is with us in want and in plenty.  The apostle Paul set the example that it is possible to be content in either circumstance.  Historical records tell of martyrs who sang as they died being burnt at the stake.  So no matter how hard it is to imagine being joyful in suffering of that magnitude, God is able to help us bear whatever He asks us to endure.

So, anyway, If you need a “fix” you can always go to my sidebar and check out other ministries and blogs that I have listed there, many of which help keep me informed, and you can search YouTube for J.D. Farag, and John Haller’s Prophecy Updates (on Fellowship Bible Chapel channel), Pastor Steve (with the bandanna and shofar) on Superior Word youtube channel, and keep up that way.  More work for you to get there, but I’ll be back.

Also, WordPress totally changed their reader (feed) format to make it much more time-intensive to reblog stuff from the reader, which is kind of a bummer.  But I will take it as the Lord’s way of streamlining things.  Over time I’m tending to narrow down the sources I refer to, as things get more and more muddled and chaotic anyway.  Watching for the Lord is a thrilling past time, but some things that are happening in this world, I am not sure we need to give a whole lot of further attention to here on the blog, as we are already aware of them, and know that they are getting worse.

Taking some time to think on what is true, honest, just, lovely,and pure and things of good report, and some time for being careful of nothing, but in all things by prayer and supplication and with thanksgiving, making our requests and concerns known to God.  These are principles from Philippians 4, and they come with two promises: that the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will keep our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, and that the God of peace will be with us.  That will do more for our endurance than anything else could.

Oh, I told you I would post pictures when I did my painting, but I didn’t post any of the ones I took of the process while I was doing it.  Here are a couple of shots of the finished product.  It is about 16 by 24 inches.  The one on the easel sort of gives you some idea of size, but the shot of hit hanging on the wall doesn’t offer any visual cues for dimensions.  I think I’d like to do a bigger one next.  The paint is thick acrylics so it has the texture of oils, but a lot less drying time.  It looks nice by the Afremov’s. Same boldness of color that I love. I also strung some pretty colored beads over my “faux” stained/etched glass windows I showed you guys last week.  Color and light make me happy! I don’t know if God lets us put in requests for our “place” in heaven that He is preparing for us, but just in case, I let Him know how much I love light and color and stones and stained glass, and natural wood.  Can’t wait to see what He comes up with!

Now all I need for my kaleidoscopic living room is a super-comfy ORANGE chair! Or maybe teal.

Rock Church By the Creek

Rock Church By the Creek


Rock Church By the Creek Artist S.T. Lloyd

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