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A Perfect Storm Is Brewing
By Jan Markell

July 27, 2015


Can we take talk about a “New World Order” seriously, or is it just conspiratorial? If there is such a movement, who are the players? How does Pope Francis fit in since he seems to be a major mover?

Thirty years ago Gary Kah was a European trade specialist for the State of Indiana. There he learned there was, indeed, a plan for a global financial system and world government. A one-world interfaith push was a part of this. He has been used as a watchman warning anyone who would listen since then.

He sounded a warning on my most recent radio program heard here.

How might the Iranian deal of mid-July fit into this scenario? First, it will destabilize the entire planet. Like no other single event, it catapulted us into a final days’ scenario.

Jim Hutchens of The Jerusalem Connection said it best: “The catastrophic results of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran are readily apparent and have been widely touted. What has not been noted is that our narcissistic, self-absorbed president has prematurely achieved his demonic obsession for a legacy.

“He will be known throughout eternity as the one who jump-started the process that produced the most destructive nuclear holocaust in the history of humanity–the slaughter of a third of mankind–over two and a third billion people.” (Revelation 6)

Indeed, that is quite a legacy. Who in their right mind would want that? And this one move has pushed us pell mell into what will become a one-world governmental, political, and religious system. The disastrous fall-out from this deal, approved by the P5+1 and the U.N. Security Council, will require a “man with a plan” as the world rocks and reels from this catastrophic blunder by foolish men who think they are farsighted but who are blind as bats. But they are blind, in part, because God’s plan for the end of the age must march on. In part, God has blinded them.

As Gary Kah said on my most recent radio program, “A perfect storm is brewing yet few are preparing for it, even spiritually. This is playing into the world government plan.”

This isn’t conspiracy. It’s Bible-based. Revelation 13 talks about a one-world system, and as Carl Teichrib writes in Kah’s newsletter, “Watch as religious leaders and organizations continue to call for global order, progressive internationalism, and world unity. These demands for interdependence will advance as wars and rumors of wars increase, and as other crises-real or perceived-unfold before our eyes. Cultural ‘progressive’ thinking will likewise add momentum to the cause, energizing the demand for global oneness.”

Pope Francis is in favor of a “New World Order.
The Marxist-oriented Pope, who even conservative Catholics have warned about, is pushing globalism by being a spokesman for “sustainable development.” The United Nations and every other globalist outfit or individual pushes this effort.

Simply stated, we must change everything to sustain the ability to live on this planet. Everything must change: the environment, world peace, income redistribution, international treaties such as Iran. It is a push to take care of the planet and world government is the only solution.

The Pope kicks off the September 25 United Nations and will push these issues. It will lead to the climate change conference in Paris which is November 30 – December 11. Kah feels this is the most important meeting of this year and climate is not the main part of the agenda.

He feels this meeting will produce an international global agreement that will obligate nations of the world to go along with 17 points. They will include poverty, education, gender equality, water issues, energy, and many more issues that will be a step further towards global government.

A few more international crises along the way will make it all come together.

Gary Kah concludes, “Never before have so many signs of the times manifested simultaneously. Watching the evening news is like witnessing the prophecies of Scripture unfold before our eyes. An emerging caliphate in the Middle East; an energized Russia–thought to be dead; the global economy teetering on the brink because of insurmountable debt; the Pope making interfaith alliances with other religions. These and other headlines are setting the stage for world government that will be presented as the only practical solution in order for mankind to survive.”

The web of deception being engineered by Satan’s forces is vast and well thought out. He is a formidable adversary but will meet his destiny when Christ returns to defeat him and reign as our victorious King. Unfortunately, between now and then, our lives will not become easier, but rather, more difficult. The Bible has warned of these times, and they are now upon us.

Sadly, you won’t hear about it in most churches today.

Hear more of what Gary Kah has to say on our current “Understanding the Times” radio program

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  1. Hi Sandee, I will read this article. In 1992, Gary Kah published a very important book I bought at a Christian bookstore.En route to global occupation”. In it he details the roots, history and development of the New World Order. The book is very well researched with appendices with documents from “the horses´s mouth! about world assembly, world constitution along with signatories world leaders names, etc. You can find a free download here: https://ia700803.us.archive.org/27/items/EnRouteToGlobalOccupation/EnRouteToGlobal.pdf I highly recommend it. It´s also on my free download list on my multilingual blog under the category ” Free downloads (continued).
    I have been very busy with translation, private lessons in 3 languages, and our preparations for our trip to France in September.
    God bless you and keep you.


    • Yes, thanks, Jan Markell mentions this in the broadcast. Great to know it is available as a free ebook! I’ll check it out! I was just commenting to a friend how crazy it is that as someone who doesn’t have an “outside job” that I still always feel like I am “running behind” and struggling to keep up with my own routines. I think time has literally altered itself in some way. I guess it’s one of those “optical illusions” of aging.


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