The gig is up!

You know, folks, I’ve been around the block a few times on my little ole tricycle, and after a while you start to figure out that there comes a certain point that if you don’t “get it” now, you ain’t gonna.

I am kind of at that point with this blog.  So you might detect a shift in what I bother to cover here.

All along (other than the initial investment it takes to get a blog off the ground) I have not concerned myself with whether or not anyone reads, follows, likes, or with getting “freshly pressed”, rather I just have tried to be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit, and what I find interesting and relevant, I share.  I have sometimes given my opinion, always with the disclaimer that I’m just little ole me, now fifty-one, a retired nurse, mom, Christian.

Mind if I just ramble?  Donald Trump.  People are all excited.  The evangelicals?  Seriously?  A man stands behind a podium with a comb-over and repeats “I love the Bible”, and “I went to Sunday school” and that is enough because he is saying all the right things about the illegals and jobs and people can’t see that he is just blowing smoke up their nether regions?

I am no Mensa member, but I have seen some really intelligent folks fall for some really inane ploys in recent years.  Are we so conditioned to entertainment that we don’t see it is merely the umpteenth act in the same play that’s been going on for years on end?

And with that I just remembered, Ron G, why I stopped running pastor Larson’s sermon series on CERN.  It was his endorsement of Trump long about the sixth or seventh video.  I can’t be responsible for perpetuating the idea that Trump just might turn things around.

Let me spell it out.  All this confusion, all this doubt and debate  among professing Christians about “what time it is” and how stuff is going to play out.  CHILL, already!  It all boils down to you making up your mind whether to believe God or not.  When I stopped listening to the opinions of man, and thinking that I had to look to someone “more advanced in Biblical learning” than me, in order to make sense of these times we are living in and of Bible prophecy, that was when I started to see things for myself.  Yes, it is great to hear from J.D. Farag and others, but if it is going to contribute to anyone being or remaining a spiritual cripple I’ll need to think about not posting them.

Ok, that’s a little harsh maybe, especially since I know that I wouldn’t be as confident in what I know if the Lord had not allowed circumstances which provide me with ample time to invest in looking into these things, but what I have found is that when you resolve to know God’s truth, and you desire to escape the entangling underbrush of views that insist on drawing conclusions from the Bible plus non-Biblical sources and influences, and instead go directly to the Lord and His Book for yourself, determined to know what is the truth about all the disturbing goings-on in the world, God  responds to that faith and to your recognition of Him as the source of all wisdom, truth and understanding, and suddenly things will just get clear for you.  I promise!

Look, this agenda to undermine the United States in order to bring in a global agenda, is not a Johnny-come-lately development.  It has been in the works not for a couple of hundred years, but for a couple of thousand years.  From the inception of America, and long before then.  Did you go through a period of disillusionment when you believed that America was all some devious scheme or grand social experiment all along?  Was America founded on Christian Principles?

Yeah, it was, but think about it; the Devil has a dog in any fight that is an undertaking for faith and freedom in Christ.  So the “conspiracy theory” element and the secret society stuff is not to be dismissed!  Sure people will scoff and make fun of anyone who is “into that stuff”.  Scoffing and derision are huge, HUGE tools in the Marxist tool belt.   (Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, number 5, look it up!).

Taking the fight to your congressman and joining the latest AFA boycott just isn’t going to stop this train wreck.  You gotta understand that you probably need to examine everything you have been told and taught both in school and in church over the last forty years.  Get your hands on some history books that were written prior to the thirties.  Read newspapers published in Russia and other nations online. Stop attending a church where it’s thirty minutes of hypnotic “praise music” and ten minutes of how to have a better life and how to go conquer the devil in Jesus name.  Don’t dismiss Al Jazeera just because it is Islamic. or Huffington Post just because it is liberal. This gives insight on the mindset of others in the world, and what they think, and possibly even know about America, that we don’t. (Like Joan Rivers seemingly off-the-cuff remark about Trannie Michelle). Entertainment folks make deals with the devil on a regular basis, in exchange for their fame and fortune, they are often “in the know” and tell us things with their movies and videos and music, as they take their inspiration from the one (the enemy) behind it all. There is a difference between reveling in the worlds music, and other fare, and knowing what it contains.  Churches that are so “separate” that they have no idea what is going on in the world, can’t be very effective in helping lost people escape the hold the world has on them.

This stuff that is happening in America and in our world has not been done entirely in secret, and particularly not in the past twenty years or more.  Heck, even Reagan was an unofficial honorary Freemason.  Sure the “secret societies” have operated under the radar.  Owning the news media helps a lot.  Bill Ayers is the CEO of Fox News.  Bill Ayers of Weather Underground, Marxist and creator of Barack O-Frankenbama.

I suggest getting the book by Gary Kah (via Crown and Sickle Ministries) entitled “En Route to Global Occupation”.  That will give you some truth about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of the globalists in America’s history from the perspective of a Christian man who has inside access to the facts.  I learned of the book from Jan Markel’s

I also recommend that you get the book “Framework for Understanding Bible Prophecy” by Don McGee.  (Amazon, eBay).  I have done posts in the past about the definitions and differences of Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and I have done posts that point out some of the important “keys” for understanding prophecy, like in yesterday’s post, but I am not a teacher, and my goal is always merely to point others to the resources that have helped me get my own grasp on these things.  McGee’s primer is also a good review for those who have been learning, and want to tie it all together.

It is really important to study prophecy, but unless you know what is going on in the world around you, the church at large,  behind the scenes in world government (yes, religion and politics are the taboo topics for good reason), even in science, in medicine, etc you won’t be able to see how extremely close we are to the ultimate fulfillment of this current age.  Familiarity with world history, Biblical history, and some history of the church, (and yes, the Catholic church too), will shed some light on things like the upcoming Papal visit and it’s coinciding with the Agenda 21 announcement, the UN meeting, Palestine, and possibly even how CERN may fit into the equation.

As you know, I am cautious about books and videos on topics like return of the Nephilum and the role of the demonic in these days and coming in the tribulation.  But I trust the sovereign hand of God enough not to feel I have to denigrate those who write about those matters, because the business of God and of things spiritual, is pretty huge in scope, and I know that personally God has not called me to focus on those topics, however that does not mean there is not a God-given reason for those who are doing so.  Those men who took dictation when God inspired scripture, were not just writing for humankind in their age, they were writing it for all of us.  I certainly am not putting the writings of Tom Horn and others on par with inspired scripture, but there is a Tribulation coming, and an aspect of that period will be “strong delusion” while an aspect of this pre-trib birth-pang period is deception, so whether the writings are purposed to warn people, or to throw them off, God hardens whom He will harden, and those whom will draw to Him, He will draw.

There are men and women whose calling is to discern and call out those who are leading people astray, I’m just not one of them.

If you look into these things, and study prophecy, you will have peace and rather than be fearful, you can appreciate what a unique privilege it is to be living in and witness firsthand this moment in the history of God’s relationship and interaction with man. I will never understand my professing Christian friends who refuse to engage in any discussion about these things.  If your have fear, you need to face it. God has not given us a spirit of fear. Not only that, but you will be confident in your witness and testimony when opportunity presents itself.

Gloves off.  It’s time to know where you stand.  No one wants to hear “depart, I never knew you”.

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  1. You hit the nail right on the head! I get to the point where I feel like it’s hopeless to try to wake people up about what’s going on in the world. When your own family thinks you’re reading too much in to what’s happening, that’s discouraging. I’ve made up my mind to just follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. He will never steer me wrong. Some of the watchmen are saying it’s past time to try to wake up people, that we need to prepare for what is to come. I had to back away for awhile, because it was consuming me to the point of putting me in a deep depression. I asked God why He had to let me know all of these things. I told Him I didn’t want to know, that I just wanted to keep on like I had been. He said He needed me to know so that I could join His Army and be a Soldier of the Cross. God has brought me through so many things throughout my 63 years. I know that as long as God is in it, He’ll see me through it. He has yet to let me down, and He has assured me that He has no intention of letting me down now. Your posts have been such a blessing to me. Thank You! And May God Richly Bless You!

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    • Thank you Colleen. I understand just how you feel. The hour is getting late, and the task of sounding alarm bells is a high-intensity undertaking. When discouragement seeps in, when we grow weary, and desperately hope that it won’t be much longer, the Lord understands our frailties. Sometimes we are attempting to do beyond what He requires, so any amount of time spent in prayer or in the Word, though to us it may seem like letting up, are actually crucial to remaining attuned to the Holy Spirit, which is why these days there are sometimes no new posts on my blog on a given day. I always remember when just after Elijah had been an eyewitness of God’s faithfulness when he challenged the prophets of Baal, he turns right around and flees from the wrath of Jezabel and is despondent that there was no elation or joy on the part of the followers of Baal, no epiphany that caused them to turn to the true God and recognize Him. We tend to think that when God directs us to do something, we know what the outcome is going to be. Like when we pray for revival and we just know the Lord is going to move, but there seems to be no effect. I have come to believe that in times like that, God looks down and he sees the one who is willing and who believes, and He honors that, however, if the hearts of the others are hardened, then they quench the Spirit, thus, the hoped-for revival does not materialize, and yet the effort of the faithful one has not been wasted. Because one day when we stand before God individually, the one willing to pray, will have a reward for it, and also will have served to establish the record God will use to show those whose hearts were not open, that they were given a chance, but did not want it. God saw Elijah in his weariness, feeling sure that he was no good to God or anyone else, asking the Lord to just take his life, and the Lord gave him rest, and food and water. After he slept a little while, the Lord woke him to eat and drink again, and told him to rest a while longer. That is one of my favorite Bible passages (I Kings 19) because I have prayed that prayer myself that the Lord would just take me, when I was in my thirties and so exhausted from undiagnosed medical conditions that left me unable to work and barely able to take care of my two babies. So many times God did the same sort of thing for me when I felt I couldn’t keep going. I also love all of the passages in scripture where Jesus is so tender and compassionate with women who are guilty or tainted, especially in a culture when they were thought of as property. It is never a good idea to forget God’s holiness, but for Christians it is imperative that we remember his compassion as well. It is always “grace to the humble and law to the proud”. In other words, when we already know we have failed, it is grace He offers. When we are proud, He merely has to point out to us how many of the ten commandments we broke this week, to bring us down from that pride, and the sign that we are where we should be in relation to Him, is that He can do it that way rather than having to come down really hard on us. If that’s what it takes, then we’ve either drifted substantially, or He is humbling us in preparation for some other work He intends to use us in. It is so good to know that He has these invisible “bumpers” up around us. I liken it to the kiddie lane at the bowling alley. The truth is, He will not let His own go but so far off track. And depending on how stubborn we are, sometimes He uses illness and in some cases of Christians who continue in wilful sin, He will take them home. I have seen it happen. I love that God sets boundaries. It is so true, as the child-rearing experts say, kids are happier with some boundaries and limits because it gives them a sense of safety, knowing Mom and Dad aren’t going to let them get but so far before they will make it perfectly clear they are treading on dangerous ground. Its the same for us as Children of God. I lamented for a long time about some sins of my younger years. Forgiveness even of myself, has never been real easy for me. But over time God showed me the truth of “all things work together for good”. If we bring the tatters and broken pieces to Him, don’t hide them away, hoping no one will see, but bring them to Him, He can redeem them into good. I call it God’s Mosaics. He makes beautiful things out of what seems beyond redemption to us. I am so thankful, so humbled, so indebted to our gracious and merciful Lord, and I can’t wait to finally be with Him, see Him face to face. I will bow down and worship, but I also look forward to a hug at some point. Ya know? My heart is full, knowing the time is growing nearer every moment.

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