The Canaanites, Child Sacrifice and Abortion

Fertility rites and child sacrifice were the hallmarks of Canaanite worship — and yet they appealed to many Israelites. Should we be shocked, or look in the mirror?In the most recent issue of Biblical Archaeological Review, archaeologist Itzhaq Shai of Israel’s Ariel University described what he characterized as “extraordinary finds that provided insights into the Canaanites and their religious world.”The finds, which Shai suspects may be the biblical Libnah mentioned in Joshua, Second Kings and Isaiah, include a “large public building,” possibly a temple, ceremonial masks, and figurines, like idols of a nude female figure nursing two infants.Shai’s goal is to better understand Canaanite religion for academic reasons. But a better understanding of Canaanite religion isn’t only for academics. By understanding what Israel’s pagan neighbors believed and how they put those beliefs into practice, we see just how radically different — and even unique — the biblical worldview truly is.Reading the Old Testament, it becomes clear that Canaanite religion was attractive to many of the children of Israel. When Joshua told the people to choose whom they would serve, he was acknowledging that fact. [….]

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