Cern brings dark matter into our realm, and dark matter brings this…..

The return of the zombies?

You know, Pastor Lawson’s sermons, some of which I’ve posted, talk about the documented effect of even the minutest amounts of dark matter, upon humans in the presence of it.  Insanity, and supernatural things accompany it.  Evil is not a concept.  It is real and it abides in us all, which is why we need a Savior.

Media blames this on bath salts and other drugs, but wonder how often these incidents have coincided with the shenanigans at CERN?  The most recent similar event that I can recall, occurred in May last year.

(Includes videos of news reports and eyewitness cell phone footage of the altercations with nudity blurred)

Naked and bloodied 19 year old man wandering near school, harassing people, trying to get into cars.