The Vatican, Catholicism the Great Harlot, and the evil that is rising

There is something spiritual that is rising up on the Earth.  The darkness and evil that is encompassing this world, is powerful, and Believers need to cry out to the Lord asking Him to grow His divine nature within us.  We have to seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to the “measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ”, all the fullness of the Godhead bodily, even as He dwelt in Christ.

There is so much counterfeit “Holy Spirit” activity in churches today.  I want for the Lord to possess my mind, my spirit and my body.  That only HIs words are spoken, only His will is done.  Faith to faith, glory to glory, we trust Him through one trial, get a little higher up, keep on climbing, leaving that which has gone before, press on toward the mark of our high calling in Christ.

Jacob’s ladder is Jesus.  We have to keep climbing. For as long as we remain here, through whatever we may have to face. You don’t hear much talk about the Holy Spirit these days except for that crazy stuff that is going on in a lot of churches.  It’s like the more solid churches don’t want to touch that subject for fear of being thought associated with the false spirits of the “holiness” movement.  Kind of in the same way that gays hijacked the rainbow, which has always been a Christian symbol as it was given by God as a token of His promise to never destroy the world again by a worldwide flood.

It’s not coincidental in either case.

For anyone who doubts the previously generally-accepted position that the RCC is the “Whore of Babylon” and “Great Harlot” of scripture, let me share with you in my words, the testimony of a former RCC Nun.

She is still alive today, so this is not something out of the dark ages.  You can listen to her tell it herself, if you like.  This is definitely one of those days when the Lord hands me what He wants posted.  All of us surely are wondering what the implications really are, of the Papal visit here in America.  We know he is ushering in the NWO global religion, and we know he comes in his own name.  Major prophetic implications.  So this testimony is for such a time as this.

The following is my paraphrase of her testimony, from the notes I took from the 1 and 1/2 hour video:

The former Nun’s name is Charletta.  She was born into Roman Catholicism as her parents were both Catholic, and she loved the Lord and had a heart as a young girl to please the Lord, even more so than the average young girl, so she lets her parents know that she wants to enter a convent when she is old enough.  She makes this statement only after asking permission from her father to speak, during a visit with the “Father Confessor” in their home.  Of course the parents are thrilled and she has a year until she will be old enough, to think it over and make sure.

She goes away to the boarding school for training and preparation for the convent, at age 14. A thousand miles from home.  Part of the process is when they are old enough, they will “take the white veil”.  This entails a wedding-type garment, and as a young girl she didn’t know that the church would expect her parents (not wealthy) to provide anything she might need while going through the school and preparation.  But her father did provide the money for her dress. likely at great sacrifice. The RCC has specific reason for taking the would-be Nun’s into the convent at a very young, impressionable and naïve age. Once the white veil is taken, the young girls are told that they are now a married woman, married to Christ.

The RCC tells the girls that if they give their lives to the church, it will earn salvation for all the members of their family, no matter what their sins.  To these little girls, the priest is like God.  They fully believe the priest has power to promise them these things.

There is a second “phase” of the process of becoming a Nun, the details of which are all kept from the girl until she comes of age to do so, which is the age of 21.  There is no way to escape the Convent.  When they enter, they know it is forever, and will have no further contact with their family or the outside world.  Even the passages from one point to another in the Convent, are all underground.

Charletta’s “Mother Superior” told her that she had a strong body and willingness to give up the world and to take the vows of poverty in order to pray for the sins of the world.  (Flattery).

She then began to talk to her about the next part, taking the black veil.  Roman Catholics are allowed to lie (just like in Islam) to protect the faith and also allowed to steal up to a limit of $40.00 for the same reason. The
Mother Superior” told Charletta that she would have to be willing to shed her blood and live in poverty for the church.

In the black veil ceremony, the Nun-in-training goes completes a different ritual.  She walks down the aisle this time in her red funeral veil, and gets into a casket which the “Mother Superior” then covers entirely with a black drape, in which she must remain for nine hours.  Charletta said she was told this and accepted it willingly as part of the requirements, but knew nothing beyond that.

She describes laying there, those hours, mentally remembering every memory of her mother and  her home, and family, which she knew she would never see again.  She would not know if or when they died, nor would they know if she died.  And when she died, she would even be buried in the Convent.  After she spent the first several hours looking back to her memories, she then focused on her desire to be the best Nun she could possibly be.

After those nine hours, she was taken to the Father Superior, and a cut is made on her ear, which is used for her to sign her vows.  None of this is done in groups.  Each girl experiences this individually.  She takes the vow of poverty, the vow of chastity.  The vow of absolute obedience to the priest is her last vow.  Each signed in her own blood as she takes them.

Prior to the black veil ceremony the girls were allowed to write home once per month, and receive a letter once per month, but they were censored with much of what was written, marked out.  A girl’s mother could even come to the Convent and speak to the girl, (only prior to the black veil ceremony) but always she was with the Mother Superior behind a thick black drape, so that her mother could not see her, nor could the child say anything about the experiences and conditions she lived under, which was that the girls were locked in their cells at night, and were only given bread and coffee in the morning, and a little soup and water at night, without lunch, and worked hard all day long. No friendships are allowed inside the Convent, and the Mother Superior is the person who reported to the Priests, so the girls strove to please the Mother Superior.

After the vows were taken and blood oaths signed, a priest in full habit comes into the room, and takes her arm, and takes her into another room alone, where he stands in as the groom (Christ) and “consummates her vows”.  Charletta relates in her testimony that she did not join the Convent to be a bad woman, but a good woman, so she fights the priest and refuses to cooperate with what he expects.  The Mother Superior tells her that the priest’s body is sanctified, therefore what she is being expected to do, is not a sin, and that she would feel differently about it when she is a little older.

Since she did not comply she is sent to confession.  She is then taken by the Nun into a darkened room with just candles, and something laying on a board at the front.  She is taken to the front, and as she gets closer, she can see it is a little dead girl.  She is frightened, and wants to ask questions, but she knows she is not allowed to.  The Nun tells her that she will be leaving her there for an hour, and that she is to pray for the girl, and stand guard over her.  Then at some point the girl reaches up and lays her hand on Charletta’s shoulder, and of course she screams.

(The audio in the recording was prone to fade in and out, so with my hearing impairment, I did not clearly catch all of that part, but the adult Charletta mentions “signs and wonders” here in here testimony, and I don’t know whether she believes this was something supernatural she experienced, or whether the child was made to appear dead, and it was all calculated to induce fright).

She goes on to tell about nights when priests were given the keys to the cells, came for visits, and what happened when the nuns were impregnated (where do you think all those skulls come from?), being kicked in the stomach and abused so badly that when the babies did come out (dead) they were often deformed.

She describes many other horrors and tortures, and how that after a while you come to realize Mary is just a statue.  These girls never hear the gospel, and of course are not allowed to read the Bible, and she tells of the church collecting 22 million dollars in just one month for the “prayers for the dead” that people paid to the church, for the Nun’s to do (for getting them out of purgatory) and she says that it dawned on her that if she died in there, who would pray her out of purgatory, when her family would not even know.

She goes on to describe the escape that God graciously enabled her to make, and what happened after.

Let me tell you, the Catholic people are victims of this system.  Blood of the martyrs is not just the ones the RCC killed back when they slaughtered anyone who refused to join the church, but imagine the number of babies, and the young girls and boys who have died at the hands of the Papal system of the Roman Catholic Church.

This is what is significant about the Pope’s visit.  This is the power of the Jesuit Pope and Catholic church in bringing about the globalist agenda.  The evil of the RCC is no less than that of Islam, and yet so many wonder and doubt how the two can ever join forces in a global agenda?  This pope will usher in the antichrist.  He will endorse him, and lead the people to put their faith in him.  And then the antichrist will turn against the Pope and the Papal system and RCC.

It’s prophecy becoming history!

3 thoughts on “The Vatican, Catholicism the Great Harlot, and the evil that is rising

  1. This is the first time I’m being made aware of these rituals. As someone who was a believer in the New Age religion for decades (thank God I’ve been Born Again) they ARE Satanic!

    I think of the movie where Ingrid Bergman became a Nun and how it misled me and countless others!

    One question: What about the uncloistered Nuns who work in the medical and education arenas? Are they truly Nuns?


    • Apparently it depends on what vows they took. Un-cloistered women of the RCC who choose to serve, take what they call “simple” vows, as opposed to the “solemn” vows of the cloistered Nuns. (Some are “semi-cloistered). The un-cloistered are called sisters. Those are the nurses and teachers, others who serve in the community in what they call an “apostolic” or “mercy” role. Technically the ones who take the solemn vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, are the Nuns, but for the most part, the terms are used interchangeably. The simple vows allow the woman to choose whether or not to sign over all her earthly wealth and possessions to the church, whereas with the solemn vows the surrender of it is mandatory.


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