The Evil Day

Obama’s lawlessness is clearly not going to be curtailed.  Spying on Congress,  spying on our closest allies,  Israel.  Today his efforts are focusing on outlawing guns by “royal edict”.  There is clearly a whole lot of delusion already going on.

We have gotten through the insanity of the yearly “holidays” now, and  my expectation is that 2016 will be just another verse of the same song and dance, only maniacally “up tempo”!

We still aren’t hearing anything at all in the news about the development out in Oregon, like the Bundy Ranch incident, where the militia again is in play, but if you do hear anything in the “mainstream media” it will sound like this WaPo article  which portrays the whole thing as a bunch of anti-government kooks seeking to bring down local government to make a political statement.

I am not saying much these days because frankly, to me, what else is there to say about what is happening in this nation and our world?  The Jews are being gathered home.  The armies of the Psalm 83, Isaiah 17, and Ezekiel 38 battle are lined up.   Other things have yet to fall in place for the Biblical sequence of events to play out, but it would seem only to require little more than a random “sneeze” to startle one of the key players, and set off the fireworks, so poised are they at this moment.  There is a literal genocide of Christians taking place  in the Middle East and the coup that has overthrown the American  Constitutional Republic in allegiance with the Marxists and Jihadists is certainly not interested in offering them any protection or safety.

I don’t think I need to state the obvious, but I guess I will anyway.  Having been awake for a while, even if I don’t have it all figured out, it is clear to me that as the curtain rises on the 2016 stage, the scenery promises fast-paced action and an intensity level hitting the stratosphere.

As to the presidential election, my personal expectation is that Donald Trump will actually get the Republican nomination, but will not win the presidency.  I think Hillary is going to be the next president, if there is going to be a next president.  By hook or by crook, as they say, unless Obama and the current PTB prevent the election from taking place, and I do still think that is a possibility.  Regardless of what plays out, it’s a safe bet that this election will be the most cutthroat in our history.  If we thought the Black Panthers with bats were bad, I shudder to imagine the face-off that sees the Black Panthers, the Black Lives Matter, the Pagan biker gang, retired vets, the various militia, and average Joe citizen with side-arm, and everything else in between, in the streets.  Will it get that bad?  Would you be surprised if it did?

The only believers I know of who are still holding out for some miraculous turnaround at the final hour, are the ones who ignore/disdain/avoid Bible Prophecy, (head in the sand) or possibly the Dominionists, who are completely deceived and deluded in regards to the way that the Lord’s Kingdom on Earth is to be established.

This hour that we are in right now, is so full of deception that it takes a great deal of continual research and study of the Bible to ensure that we are not drawn into false teaching.  At the same time, as I have said before with the explosion of Bible “versions” and the corruption of the seminaries, the itching ears have a smorgasbord of choices, such that if what one of the versions has to say happens not to set well with them, there’s always another one. This generation is scarcely acquainted with general Bible truth, much less prophecy.

The only truth is God’s truth.  He is near to them that call upon Him in truth.  That means, you don’t come with your ideas for Him to affirm, you come believing that He means what He says and  never lies.  We don’t get to decide what is true about Him and what is not.  But many people are worshipping and “following” a God they  have entirely invented.

The danger for true Bible-believing Christians in this perilous period before the tribulation, is not from non-“Christians” but from professing Christians.  Sure the atheists hate Christians, but the real ally of the atheist, is that “professing Christian” who has bought into the social gospel and “tolerance” being the only mark of a “real Christian”.

So getting back to the elections, look at the role that faith and religion are taking in the Republican side of the race.  Donald Trump claiming to love Jesus and the Bible and promising to make America great again, well, that’s pretty much the entire package most professing “Christians” are looking for.  A guy who is influential, has money to back up his campaign, and this guy is looking a whole lot more attractive for most “professing Christians” than Ted Cruz.  And then there is a group of Christians who are lining up behind Cruz.  Not ashamed or hesitant to say the words “My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ”, this fact alone is, for many, indication enough of Cruz’s sincerity.

I agree that when you elect someone to civil office, it is not as though you are electing as pastor.  So it’s not necessarily about the specific religious beliefs of any candidate, however, pause a moment and think about Ted Cruz’s background in regard to his religious convictions, since He is clearly making it the centerpiece of his campaign.

I would love to see a truly God-fearing man in the presidency, and Ted Cruz does seem very sincere and unashamed. But it is my understanding that Ted Cruz has a Dominionist eschatology.  He subscribes, as does Sarah Palin, to the idea that the Christian church will rise up and take dominion over the whole earth and subdue it for Christ, thus having secured the Kingdom for Him, so that He can return to reign.  That is in no way what the Bible tells us will happen.  It is simply not there. It is a complete fabrication! And that makes it a dangerous doctrine of demons.

This Dominionism isn’t new.  It’s been around a while, and to me, it seems to hold the potential to aid and abet in the merging of the so-called “Christian Church” with the future global religious system we know is coming down the pike.

So many aspects of prophecy are multi-faceted, in that what they contain for us is dispersed throughout the Word, and even when one knows to pick up a thread and see what it connects to in some other book of the Bible, there is also the dimensionality of it to consider.  Layers.  Applications and types.  It’s all there, but it can take a long time for some of us, me included, to see it all.  And it takes diligence and a hunger for the answers.  God gives some a great gift of pulling it all together and of digging and connecting.

I was telling my husband last night that I have the ability to see things in scripture, but I don’t have as great an ability to make the connections that tie everything together for the cohesive and comprehensive “whole”, so I often recognize something as significant, while taking still longer yet to figure out exactly what that significance is.  I also don’t feel I have a gift of teaching, even when I can somewhat grasp things for myself.   Still overall, a God-given intuition  combined with Biblical understanding and the Holy Spirit within me, have served pretty well to steer me away from things that I can discern  “aren’t right”, even when I may not be able to articulate why.  This is not to say that is the case with Dominion Theology.  The errors are pretty blatant.

I do know that in Dominionist theology, there is a principle of seven areas of “authority” in this world which these professing Christians believe God has given them a direct mandate  to conquer “for the Kingdom”.  The areas are listed as Business,  Government,  Media,  Arts and Entertainment,  Education,  Family, and Religion.

Now, whatever we do, we are to do heartily, as unto the Lord.  But God has never instructed His church to go take “dominion” of the Business realm.  He has not given us any “marching orders” related to arts and certainly not entertainment.  Media?  The only media when the Bible was written, was papyrus.  You get the idea. So where do these supposed dictates originate?

Ever had someone come up to you and say “the Lord gave me a message for you”.  As if the airwaves aren’t jammed enough with all the signals out there, people actually believe they are receiving transmissions from Heaven that are, apparently as far as they are concerned, a continuation of the Bible.  On par with, equal to, and alarmingly enough, even in contradiction of the Bible.  Just read the final chapter of Revelation and that is all cleared up.

I am not saying the Lord, by the Holy Spirit, does not guide us, but there is absolutely no reason for God to go whisper something “for me” in your ear when He can put it into my own heart and mind directly, and even so, it will never, EVER contradict His already given Word.  What is this God that whispers in ears?  A shy third grader?

It really does not take a whole lot of familiarity with scripture to know that there is no place in the Bible in which God gives His church these commands, and no place that allows for this direct revelation in the present day.  And yet, there are literally hundreds of thousands of professing Christians who subscribe to this notion.  How can that be?

A famine of the preaching of the Word.  For one thing.

Anyway, if this is where Ted Cruz is coming from, I do not see his eventual election to the presidency as an encouraging possibility to contemplate.  When we consider that Babylon the Great, or the Great Harlot, is going to be a religious system the Antichrist uses to subdue the world, I am going to be leery of anything with “seven mountains” symbolism.  And that is what these Dominionists refer to these areas of authority as.  Seven mountains.

Will it be the Roman Catholic church?  Will it be the Vatican?  Will it be a literal seven mountains, or seven areas of “dominion” or authority?  I think it is possibly both! Together. Combined.  The Dominionists may be the aspect of evangelical Christendom that merges with the rest of the world’s religions, while Rome will represent the Catholic faction.  When the rules of logic go out the window, which they will in the time of the great delusion, a lot more possibilities become “feasible”.

If Cruz does get the nomination, and the presidency, his Dominionism probably merits further examination. (The woman who rides the Beast is also described as a city that “sits on seven hills”) The church is depicted as a woman, but we know the church is divided into two units, the false church and the true church.  The true church is the Bride, the false church is the harlot of Babylon.

Rubio is a lapsed Catholic, converted to Mormon, reverted to Catholicism.  If that isn’t confusion, I don’t know what is.  But either way, both of those systems of belief line up better with the false prophet and the world religious system (not to mention the aims of the elitists) than with true Scripture.

Of course Bush is a Bush, so, no need to really even go there about what his beliefs are.  No one wants third Bush.

A decade ago I began to notice that it seemed like people in general were getting to be much more open and interested in “things spiritual”.  It was not my imagination.  But it was a new openness to spirituality that is “divorced” from the God of Abraham, and the Jesus of the Cross.

In the course of time I have been blogging, there have been individuals who are interested and involved in the topic of prophecy, many of which clearly have extensively studied the scriptures, who have slightly new or different conclusions from any I have previously ever  heard.

I am naturally skeptical, and advisedly cautious when it comes to those “new insights” because lets face it, one of the classic hallmarks of apostates include the claim that one has been “uniquely chosen” to receive special revelation which they believe they must in turn give to all Christendom.   Christendom is a pretty broad category that, even by scriptural definition, includes counterfeit “believers”, who look so much like the genuine article that God instructs us to leave the winnowing to Him.  That is a very important thing for us to keep in mind right now as we enter this new year.  You know how professional pilots have to know how to fly by the instrument panel alone, in case of extremely poor visibility in atmospheric conditions?

It’s real foggy out there at this point, and the forecast doesn’t indicate any letup.  If you can’t fly by the instrument panel of the Word and the Spirit within you (think of it as your internal homing device), you’re going to be in trouble.

Your most important survivalist supply to be “laying up” right now, is faith.  Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing cometh by the Word.  Fellowship for exhortation and encouragement is great, but prone to false hope, especially in the climate of scriptural illiteracy of today.  The question, though, is not whether or not you have big faith, it is whether or not your faith is in Christ alone.  Calling upon Him in truth, means you have to agree with God on what He says is sin.  You have to repent from your former mindset that allows you to decide what is right and wrong, true and not true.  You have to concur that God is God and you are not, that He is Holy and His standard of “good” is complete Holiness and absence of all sin and guilt. If you concur, then that leaves you in a bit of a bind, because you yourself are a sinner. God is good and He is just.  He must deliver the penalty for sin.  The penalty for sin is death.  Jesus is innocent, and never sinned, and He is an infinite being.  We are infinitely sinful and condemned and only someone both sinless and infinite, could bear the penalty for our sins in our stead. Jesus did that.   Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the light.  No man cometh unto the Father but by me”.  Jesus is the only access point to God. Our only advocate.  Man cannot become God, there is no such thing as the “Christ Consciousness”, we are not “all gods”.  Those are lies, propagated by Satan, who is jealous of God, and who wants to take your soul with him into the Lake of fire which he knows is his eventual destiny.

Whether you believe that or not, doesn’t change anything.  Doesn’t make it false.  You don’t get to determine that.  Contrary to what you may have been told.

So what do I expect in 2016?  I expect global war, the beginning of sorrows, rising tide of evil, more natural disasters, famine, upheaval, civil unrest, and the shielding hand of God over His own, and His provision for all the needs of His children.  If you have received Christ as your savior, you have nothing to fear.  Even though it sounds scary and will be tumultuous, you need to decide right now, and make up your mind; do you trust Him?  Because don’t bother to call upon Him in half-truths and in doubts.  Boldly take hold of His documented promises, and don’t turn left or right, but keep your head lifted up.

Is every seeming pause or delay going to undermine your determination?  Or are you willing to accept that be it two more weeks or five more years, God is going to be faithful?  Wherefore take unto you the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Jesus is coming, and we will escape the wrath that will soon be poured out.  But in the meantime I think it is safe to say that….

The evil day is here!