Congress’s Role in Repeal: Won and Done  |Family Research Council

Religion in Public Life Research on Religion Store Stay Informed eSubscriptions Podcasts RSS Feeds Twitter Facebook Share This PublicationTwitterFacebookEmail Print Congress’s Role in Repeal: Won and DoneJanuary 07, 2016President Obama could never undo his pro-abortion legacy — but this week, Congress is giving him an opportunity to try. In perhaps one of the single greatest accomplishments of the last seven years, Republicans managed their first-ever, dual-chamber rebuke of Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare. After more than 60 tries, Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisc.# party celebrated the victory at a special signing ceremony of the Restoring Americans’ Health Care Freedom Act this afternoon.Fulfilling a promise they’d made to voters, the bill is headed straight for the president’s desk — a maiden voyage for any measure gutting his disaster of a health care law. By a 240-181 vote, the House finally advanced the mission the Americans elected them for: defunding the nation’s biggest abortion group and gutting an unsustainable — and, more importantly, unconscionable — law. For once, Rep. Jason Chaffetz #R-Utah# said, the president will be forced to “choose whether to stand with the American people or behind his failures.”Wednesday’s win was also a long time coming for pro-lifers, who watched with revulsion every David Daleiden video detailing the horrors of Cecile Richards’s group. For once, the moral injustice done to taxpayers has a voice: Congress’s. “We will not back down from this fight to defend the sanctity of life,” Speaker Ryan insisted, “and make quality health care coverage achievable for all Americans.” Barring a major miracle, the president is determined to veto the measure — even if means the moral weight of both travesties will rest squarely on his shoulders.But that doesn’t mean the vote was for naught. On the contrary, this was one of the most important statements Republicans could make. For starters, it shows they were listening to the American people and did what they vowed to, despite whatever differences they may have had. Even more significantly, they blazed a trail for moving this kind of legislation forward when America finally has a president who understands the value of every person, born and unborn. Thanks to this precedent, the next time a bill defunding Planned Parenthood hits a pro-life president’s desk, it’s game-over for taxpayer-funding of Richards’s group. Read the rest at the Source: Family Research Council