What do the Harry Reid beat down, Bundy Ranch, Oregon Standoff , Russian Uranium, Benghazi, and the Hillary Clinton campaign have to do with one another?

Remember last year when Harry Reid suddenly retired from the Senate after his mysterious “exercise equipment injury“? He had recently moved into his brand new house in Nevada at the time.  Nevada is where the Bundy Ranch is.  Bundy ranch is in the Bunkerville area, while Reid and his wife now live in the Anthem area.  About 98 miles apart.

Same thing that happened with the Bundy Ranch, now happened/still happening in Oregon and the (literal) overkill of government in these scenarios doesn’t make sense in the context of the “official narratives”, nor even in a lot of the alternative media nearratives however, what if there is something much deeper and even more sinister underlying these developments?  Well, apparently there is.

It should not come as too great a shock if you are a Bible-believer.  The love of money is the root of all evil.

So I was reading posts in my WordPress reader this morning, and Flurry of Thoughts has a picture of Hillary with blood on her hands.

hillary benghazi blood on her hands

If you are like me, sometimes these stories and images just get to be so disheartening that you might bypass it for today, after all, the corruption is so deep, we all know it, and just for today, we think, I just don’t want to think about it for a little while.  I am not referring to the mentality of people who want to ignore the realities right in front of them so they can preserve their delusions of all things being goodness and light.  I am talking about those of us who are into the nitty-gritty grueling reality all the time 24/7 because God has warned us to walk circumspect.  Sometimes it can wear a person down.

But the reason I took the time to write this lengthy intro to the subject, is because I think you guys really need to hear and see this.  I’m linking my references as I go,  but as I normally do, I follow the link-trail back to the original source because sometimes there is more.  In this case, the article on Flurry of Thoughts was reposted from another blog called Reclaim our Republic (both on WordPress) and the video that inspired the post on Reclaim our Republic, was done by none other than Dutchsince on YouTube.  You have seen videos from Dutchsince here on Servehiminthewaiting, particularly related to weather and earthquakes and the strange phenomena in those that I often blogged about when that all seemed to begin going so crazy a few years back.  (Now it’s become the new normal).

Here is just part of the blurb provided by Dutchsince below his video, and it will include  links back to yet other videos that inspired the Dutchsince video posting.

Published on Jan 4, 2016

Armed standoff in Oregon due to a ‘Rancher’ and a fight with the BLM?

Deja Vu!

This just happened in Oregon a few months ago, and again in 2014 in Nevada with the Bundy “ranch”!

But there is something hidden behind these “ranchers”, and the government that I think we should all be made aware of (before you put your support behind these strangers out in the woods, or before you might support the BLM on any claim, you should know that there is serious MONEY at stake in the ground at each location — read on to find out how/why).

April 2015 / Gold Hill, Oregon — There was a BLM standoff over a Gold mine + people in the back country laying claim to the land — Militia deployed, youtube video freakout, main stream media smear job, and government propaganda .. all over a series of Gold mines that people were pulling from that the Government seized control over.

The whole bit happened just a few months back… now it is happening again in the same state, and again at a location know for precious metals? I find this connection suspicious, especially since this is the THIRD time in 1 year.


We all remember the BLM / Bundy Ranch standoff which occurred in 2014.

Most people don’t know, the Nevada land grab was NOT about “cattle”.

The Bundy “ranch” was about Gold Butte, Nevada. Gold Butte is an old dormant butte volcano, and an old GOLD MINING TOWN which was shut down by the government between 1905 -1908. During World War 1 a large majority of the copper and silver used in the war came from around this location in Clark County Nevada.

Ironically, 100 years ago is the time where Bundy claims his family began ranching the area. It is odd that the families that stayed behind AFTER the government shut down the post office (on purpose shut down to cut off supply to the town)…. turned out to be ranchers — and that was 100 years ago.

Bundy, an old man now in 2015 must have been passed down a “family secret” about the Gold deposits, silver deposits, and other precious metals in the ground at Gold Butte, NV.

The whole BLM land grab in 2014 was about Gold. Which is why Harry Reid wanted to strip mine the area and build a “solar farm” on Gold Butte after they level the mountainside and get the contents of the stripped surface and subsurface.

That ought to give you enough to spur you on to further clicking and reading.  The excerpt above is not the full text of Dutchsince’s “blurb” which YouTube users often insert beneath the video to reference all the sources of information divulged in their videos.  Dutchsince is notoriously very thorough in his investigations and in providing the “paper trail” to establish the validity of his reporting.

Here is Dutchsince’s video.  You can click the YouTube icon in the bottom of the video frame to watch it on Youtube, and to see all the additional links that Dutchsince provides so that you can walk step by step through the investigation for yourself.  If you are not interested in knowing the details of just how corrupt and “every man (or woman) for themselves” your government is, then don’t bother.  I just thank God that there are citizen journalists doing the job the MSM doesn’t do.  I sincerely believe that the MSM “journalists” merely let the citizen journalists do all their work for them, scan the alternative media and then steal the narrative and twist it to create the “official story” we hear on T.V.  Which is why getting control of the internet is such a high priority for the globalist types.

My question is this:  If America has sat on a wealth of natural resources, gas, oil, gold, uranium, all these years, while allowing Russia and the Middle East and other nations to do the environmental damage necessary for accessing their natural resources, and buying all of our oil, gas, uranium from those countries, where does that leave America now?  I don’t know Dutchsince’s religious persuasion.  I don’t know his worldview, other than the hint about winning people over with love instead of guns.  But here at Servehiminthewaiting, my interest is in how this situation plays out in light of Bible Prophecy, and God’s plan, and the fact that America is not accounted for in the prophecies.  Does America dive into her own resources to pull herself out of the unsustainable debt?  Is there enough in those resources to even cover that debt?  Or, do these abundant but “secret” resources serve as the ultimate motive for an invasion that decimates America?  How might this play into the North American Union plan and  the “ten toes” of Daniel?  Sure does lend some credibility to the “America as Babylon the Great” theory too.  Babylon is more than just a literal place in Iraq.  Like Wall Street stands for much more than a street in N.Y. and Hollywood stands for more than just an actual city in California.  It’s a whole paradigm.

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