I am so sick of the “name it and then boss it around” brand of Christianity that is being sold by the boatload to the itchy-eared, that I am about to gag!

I understand that it is human nature to want to dwell on positive and minimize the negative, but people have got their concept of what is positive and good, all skewed, and don’t even like to believe there is much of anything that is actually bad, much less, (dare I even use the word?) WRONG!

America and the world have lost their way.  That much is abundantly clear.  But that is what happens when you extinguish the sources of light.

A link landed in my inbox on a story entitled “The Spirit of Grief has risen up and taken the fight out of God’s people.” Yet God’s Word says “the gates of hell shall not prevail against the church”.    I do realize and fully know that there is a very real realm of darkness out there.  But you know what?  People need to stop giving credit to the devil for their own sinful flesh.  It is a much more “present” danger and to deny this, hands Satan a huge advantage.  It really makes his work all that much easier to accomplish.

God’s people giving up?  So a “spirit” is responsible for this?  What about God’s people’s responsibility to know the Word, preach the whole counsel, test the spirits, bring their own body into subjection, that sort of stuff?  Is  negligence in those things maybe just a little “to blame” for being weak when things get tough and that dog Satan comes sniffing around?

Spiritual laziness is as bad as, and existentially one could definitely say much worse than physical laziness, on accounta that whole eternity thing.

Maybe it’s the fact that the author starts her article with “I had a word from the Lord for the Body of Christ”, that was first to rankle . (Beth Moore proselyte?)

Since Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and the tearing of the veil to the Holy of Holies have all been accomplished, why would God give a message via me, (a member of the Body of Christ) for you (another member of the Body)?  Is he afraid it might somehow harm your estimation of Him if He were to point something out to you directly?

I don’t think so.  I’m pretty sure He already knows your  reaction, and pretty sure He doesn’t sweat whether or not we are going to “like” Him. You see, making God over in our own image. rather than submitting to Him so He can make us over, is not helping matters, and a lot more people are doing that than realize it.

So why would God tell me something for you?  Is it because you can’t hear it coming from Him?  That may be so in some cases, but in those cases,  God usually chooses a fellow Christian near and dear to you and lays it on their heart and in their mind and it’s usually someone who is invested in you and prays for you.  The reason He does it that way  is probably due to the fact that that particular friend has arrived at a state of more spiritual discernment or Spiritual maturity than you have.  God also usually does it in such a way that the friend probably don’t even know it is a God thing, until they conveyed it and it resonated with you, and both of you then have confirmation (by the dual witness) that  God gave the wisdom.  I don’t know  Jamie  who wrote the article, and she doesn’t know me, so why would God tell this to a complete stranger for all of the rest of us in the Body who are of the priesthood of Believers and have our own direct line?

The article goes on to speak of heartbreak, disappointment, ruined relationships, anguish, etc, and then advises the reader to “get alone with God and bind the spirit of grief, commanding it to loose its hold on you”.

What is the purpose of getting alone with God if you have the power to take care of the situation yourself with a simple verbal command?  And if an evil Spirit is stalking you, are you alone with God?

Hey, I have an idea.  Let’s test out that principle on the “spirit” of  gravity.  Lets see how this whole “what is bound on earth is bound in heaven and keys to the kingdom” works on that. It doesn’t , so there is probably a little more, or something else altogether, behind the binding and loosing principles spoken of in Matthew passages that refer to binding and loosing.  Here is a “novel” approach.  Why don’t we stop talking to these “enemy spirits” altogether and just talk to God?

And the next bit of instruction….

Ask the Lord to reach His healing hand into your spiritual heart and perform spiritual heart surgery—healing open wounds, smoothing over scar tissue, softening the hardened places of your heart, tearing down walls that you have built to protect yourself from future hurts, extracting any bitterness that is in your heart

Nothing wrong with that in and of itself, and I realize this is all well-intentioned, mind you, but the truth is, it is wrong-headed.  And you need to know that!  I am convinced that most people who do get caught up in this name/claim/command/rebuke/bind/loose practice, eventually get disabused of the notion, and it’s generally painful when they do.

God allows every grief that touches us, and what He wants is for us to trust Him enough not to get bitter to begin with.  To know Him well enough to understand that nothing, and when I say nothing, I mean absolutely NO thing, touches His child without His permission.  So if we can get past all the “self-help” mentality, and realize that what happens to us is always permitted by Him for our own good, and take Him at His promise that even when it doesn’t look possible He works those things together for our good, there would be a lot less propensity for all of this talking to the devil that some believers seem to think is normal for a Christian to do.  If the number of people doing a thing is what determined if it was right or wrong, we’d have no hope at all.

It  isn’t normal.  It isn’t scriptural.  So please STOP!  When Jesus or the disciples spoke to an evil spirit, it was always when it was physically (and of course supernaturally) possessing someone.  It wasn’t a “concept” it wasn’t a “feeling”, it wasn’t a “state of mind”.  The person was generally slobbering, violent, exhibiting superhuman strength, and naked.  Anyone who walks up to that and boldly challenges it to a fight should probably go try it out in a forensic psych facility and see how it turns out.  Pure evil is not something to trifle with.  Even when Jesus or one of the disciples healed someone, they didn’t speak to the illness.  They didn’t say “Spirit of blindness, I command you to come out of this man”, nor to the lame “spirit of lameness come out of this man”.  It was “take up your bed and walk”.  It was “your faith hath made you whole”.

I wish people who do this, could realize that all those times when they feel the devil is “picking on them” and they believe by their magic command, they have  made him run away, this is pretty much why the devil actually runs.(Picture below)  The pitbull is God, the Christian who bosses around the devil, and talks to “evil spirits” as much as he talks to God, is that little Taco Bell mutt dog that thinks he is “all that” and a bag of nachos. Just. Stop. it.  God didn’t hand over His Sovereignty to you. the devil doesn’t tuck his tail and run when he sees you, he tucks his tail and runs because of the cloak of Jesus you are hidden in.  All we need to do (all we CAN do) is obey the Bible, resist and not succumb to the lies the devil whispers about how hopeless life is.  The devil will flee on his own.  Because that’s the LAW.  We are sealed in Christ.  Discipline your own mind to really learn the Word and get over this silly notion that you have the job of disciplining the demons.  God has that plan all worked out.  You can read about it in the book of Revelation.

big dog little dog

I know there will be those who will say that I am wrong, (that is called preserving their delusion) or that I am saying basically the same thing as the Christian who believes in verbally rebuking and binding and casting out and all of that, but no, no I am definitely not saying the same thing.

God doesn’t share His Glory.  Every person I have ever met who does this binding and loosing, rebuking and commanding, is prideful about it.  Not only prideful, but prone to chide those who don’t practice it, as not having enough faith.  Many other Christians have plenty of faith.  Enough faith that you probably don’t even know about their problems because they talk to God about them instead of everyone else, and certainly aren’t going to give Satan the time of day by addressing any of it to him.

Doesn’t it ever occur to folks that talking like that to the enemy really gives him an inside track on what your vulnerabilities are to begin with?  You’re acting  kind of like a little kid who gets to hide the Easter Eggs, but none of the “seekers” has to actually search out where they are because the whole time the kid who hid them is going “you’re getting closer, no, now you are cold, colder, ok, now kinda look up a little….

People who don’t like some of the truths in the Bible, are susceptible to this kind of spiritual flim-flam.  How do I know that this author exhibits the problem of rejecting some of the truth?  She is a pastor. That’s how.  I understand that the “accepted conventional wisdom” of the “newly enlightened” folks who get “direct revelation” has determined that the whole “I suffer not a woman to teach, nor usurp authority over men in the assembly” doesn’t mean what it sounds like it means, but you see, there’s your problem in a nutshell!!

The phrase  “form of godliness, that denies the power thereof” is what they are practicing, when they think God gave His power over to them, and He can’t make a single move unless someone prays first.  This is madness!  The same II Timothy passage that speaks of this form of Godliness that denies the power thereof, is a passage about conditions we will see in these last days!! It is the same passage that warns us to turn away from those who practice that “form of godliness” because they are the sort that  creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, away with divers lusts, Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

(Probably because their idea of a Bible Study is to go out and buy the latest “Christian best seller” and meet every week with other women equally Biblically illiterate, to discuss what some author like Beth Moore, Joyce Myer, and Joel Osteen have to say about God and being a Christian, instead of just (EVER) studying the Bible itself)!

Now, I  am not sorry if this offends anyone, because frankly, the hour is late, and there are a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of things in the name of “being a Christian” that are going to suffer either finding out they are not saved, or if they are, they were so deceived that nothing they did in this life meets a standard of reward for faithfulness.  The difference is, those who find out they are not actually saved, will be in hell for eternity, and those whose work burns up in the refiners fire, will merely have a brief experience of shame, before the gracious and compassionate Savior wipes away their tears.  Ideally I don’t want you to suffer either one of those!

This is no time for hemming and hawing. You women out there calling yourselves “Christian Feminists” are wrong and you need to repent.  Men and women are equal, and they are equally regarded in God’s eyes, but God Himself is the one who designated the “order” of things.  When you don’t like a truth, and decide it doesn’t mean what it says it means,   (or even if you let someone else tell you that and you took their word for it rather than searching the scriptures yourself on the subject) the consequence is blindness, and also leads to your becoming vulnerable to further lies and deceptions. That is just a Biblical Spiritual principle or law, and all the rebuking and binding and incantations and spells in the world aren’t going to change it because it was laid down by an immutable God. We do not have the power to “speak things into being”.  We are created in His image, but it doesn’t extend to that of being able to speak things into being, not in this life, not in this realm.  When we have been fully Glorified, maybe that will be different to some lesser degree  than God’s ability to do so, but definitely not while we are still in corrupt flesh.

And these are not  harmless misconceptions.  Anything that skews Gods Word, can and will lead you off the path.  If you are capable of discerning the truth in this at all, then you had better take this warning very seriously.   Even a one-degree variation, if it continues, will lead you further away by degrees and you will possibly not even know it until it is too late, and you are out from under the safety that comes with obedience.  Disobedience in ignorance is every bit as dangerous as willful and knowing disobedience, as the outcome is identical in regards to the power it gives Satan to rob and torment you.













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  1. I gag along with you. Other than the fact that I can’t stand all the paisley background (1. it hurts my eyes. 2. I’m a guy, so…), I really appreciated your lay-it-on-the-table-and-deal-with-it approach to a serious problem plaguing so many gullibles in the church. I am sick of that brand of Christianity, too.


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