Why I haven’t posted much this week

As you guys know, I have to just walk away from the news sometimes.  The presidential campaign is making me insane.  The news coverage is bad enough, but the phone rings ten times a day with campaign calls.  I think people ought to be able to opt out of those.  I’m already on all the do-not-call lists.  But it doesn’t stop most of them.

Of course we had the tornadoes here in VA this week, but we were blessed not to have been effected by them.  The only thing that happened here where we live, is the lights went out for about thirty seconds and came back on.

So, this week I have focused on the painting that I started on before or, maybe right after Thanksgiving. One thing then another kept me from getting back to it, and this was one painting that was hard for me to get satisfied with.  I made several major changes in it along the way.  I am my own worst critic, and generally am not thrilled with the finished product when it is done, but humorously enough, my own work tends to “grow on me” after I have been done with it for a while.  I have only recently started keeping any of my work.  Whether jewelry or the paintings I did on stones, and more recent canvases.

So here are some pix of my latest project:  Jesus meets the Woman at the Well, “Come, see a man, who told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?” John 4:29

24 x 36″

Jesus and woman at the well







Oh, and I finally had the chance to upload our valentines pictures from this year!   Last  year I cooked.  This year hubby did!  Spinach Ricotta stuffed Chicken, salad, and Green Beans Almandine.  For dessert, Banana Splits!  And then he did the dishes!!! Now that’s a sexy man, who will cook and do the dishes for you, can I get a witness ladies?  Amen!


IMG_2697 (2)

IMG_2696 (2)



IMG_2616ACoolSummer   ← And this was my gift for him!




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    • Thank you. It was good therapy, I can tell you that much! Painting is just about the only thing I have found that completely circumvents the overly-active part of my brain and shuts out all other thoughts. It is a great escape.

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