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I didn’t want to leave you guys with the unfinished version.  Here is her Royal Highness, also affectionately remembered as. Rascal Pain-in-the-ascal.

From what I understand, Tuxedos are known for their more get-along-able-ness, as compared to the rest of catkind.  She was personable, but somewhere in her family tree I think there was some Siamese because she had quite a vocal repertoire.  I recall one morning that my husband and I were having a discussion before I had put food into her bowl.  Being a cat, she had little patience for non-cat-related chit-chat. So as I spoke, I became aware I was having to raise my voice to even hear my own self over her yowling protestations.  The louder I spoke, the louder she did.  What can you do? I filled the bowl.  Problem solved.

Once I was home alone and heard someone rattling the doorknob on the back door.  It scared me because at the time I was head of the Neighborhood Watch and we had been warned by our neighborhood liaison officer, that in home invasions, the perpetrators would often work in teams, create a diversion at one door while their partner tested and (if necessary) kicked in the other one.  But looking out the window, I discovered that Rascal had learned a new trick for getting back in. There she sat on the porch ledge, for all the world attempting to turn the doorknob and let herself back in.  As you see, she lived up to her name.

Once I couldn’t find her and she didn’t come when I called her after being outdoors a while.  When I walked back onto the front porch, I heard one distinct and close-by “Meow”.  It took me a minute to figure out where it came from.  We have three brick pillars along the front of the porch, the tops ending in about a 1 ft. square platform.  She had climbed the screen and there she sat, surveying her domain.  From then on, whenever I couldn’t find her, I knew where to look.  She had never been allowed to develop the habit of sitting on my kitchen cabinets or Fridge. She had her scratching posts and toys to keep her out of trouble.  But this spot became her favorite out-of-the-way-above-the-fray hangout.  The only place she liked better, was available a mere couple of weeks out of the year, and that was under the Christmas tree.  She never tried to climb it, and she never batted the ornaments around like many cats do.  She had a certain dignity about her.  She just liked to sit under there and look up at the pretty lights.  I swear I think she believed it was something we did just for her.  What a life, huh? She wasn’t a cuddle cat.  Unless you were sick.  She was definitely one of those animals that acted as an emissary of mercy when someone wasn’t feeling well.  She hovered.  It took me by surprise when it first happened, despite all the stories I have heard of such things.

As someone who didn’t grow up with animals and never developed that same appreciation for them as most people have, this was all new discovery for me.  I once heard of a cat that lived in a nursing home.  He had his own schedule of “rounds” he made each day, but once in a while he would disappear, and be found lingering in one certain room or another.  Eventually they figured out that his lingering had to do with those who were actively dying.  So they paid attention when he disappeared for a while like that.

Animal stories like that are pretty amazing.  It makes you wonder just what the nature is of their purpose in this world.  The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. Proverbs 15:3.  Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber: for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter. Ecclesiastes 10:20

We have our Nanny-cams, God has his little birds and cats and dogs and all the other critters.

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  1. Oh, there was a book about the death-detecting cat? I think I read it in Reader’s Digest or something. Animals do have some very interesting traits, don’t they? I imagine that they may detect a smell, but also, that doesn’t rule out compassion as their reason. They can see and hear and feel much more than we can. I read once that dogs can taste a teaspoon of sugar in a swimming pool worth of water. I don’t know how anyone could determine that, but I guess it is probably that they found out by some scientific means, and then put it into that particular word picture so the rest of us could comprehend it.


  2. I’ve read the book Oscar. It was very uncanny. Apparently when a person is near death a certain odor is detectable and they thought this might have attracted the cat. I would rather believe that it was compassion. You will find that 1) the more you talk to your cat the more vocal it will become and 2) they are like children in that if you are conversing with another person whether it is over the phone or in the room, they will try to get your attention away from the person and on to themselves.


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