There’s still some fight for what is right!

You know, guys, at this juncture, I think we all know where things are headed, and the only variable left undetermined is how quickly and how spectacularly America’s ultimate demise will occur.  There are many who have fought the tide, and there are some who still have some influence in their own spheres, that, thank God, are still fighting the good fight, not to save America, but merely to uphold righteousness.  We who are disciples of our Lord Jesus, have citizenship in a much greater City, but that doesn’t mean we can’t lovingly cradle the head of this special “Lady Liberty” we have been so blessed and honored to call our home during our tenure in this present life, as she breathes her last.

God didn’t save us so that we could preserve world systems.  I think it is hard for many Christians to see this.  There are a lot of folks still doing “CPR” on  a corpse.  I think it is important to differentiate.

In Oklahoma, a Senator has sponsored a Pro-Life bill that literally criminalizes abortion as First Degree Murder.

In Alabama, the State Supreme Court has defied as illegitimate, the over-reach of the U.S. Supreme Court on the marriage issue and reaffirmed their own ruling on the definition of marriage.  They ordered all probate judges cease and desist in issuing unlawful marriage licenses to same-sex couples.   (Good old Judge Roy Moore!!!  I’ve been following this man’s career for nearly a decade.   Would that God would place him in Scalia’s vacancy!)

West Virginia’s senate over-rode Gov. Tomblin’s veto of the Constitutional Carry law, thus preserving W.V. citizen’s God-given right to protect and defend themselves and their own.

The conclusion that America’s days are numbered is not based on what is happening in America.  God’s plan for the ages and for this age in particular, pivots around Israel.  The fact that Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled his trip to America, (knowing Obama’s track record of arrogant dressings-down, although the White House feigned surprise), and the news of Obama’s plan to take up the cause against Israel at the U.N., proves that the agenda to destroy Israel continues full speed ahead.  The attempt will not succeed, and God will step in personally in the near future in such a profound and powerful way, no one will be able to deny His supernatural intervention.

Stand for the right.  Where you are, in your own spheres of influence, speak up.  Truth is more important than ever in this time of rampant deception.  It matters.  Even if there are few people who care anymore, truth is still truth and it matters to God.  He is watching.  He is taking note.


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  1. Amen! We are told to occupy, are we not? Maybe I should do a study on what that word really means…I’m sure there might be some eye-opening definitions that come to light. I have an idea that it means more than just breathing air and taking up space.


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