What happens when you play low def footage on high-def equipment?

Warning:  Disturbing and demonic subject matter.  Put on your armor.  If you don’t know what that means, you should not watch.

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.-Revelation 13:15

Ok. I am going to start out from the top of this post in saying that I have resisted the trend of covering this stuff until recently when a reader brought it up to my attention. Interestingly, even after asking her politely not to send this type of stuff, I kept getting it. When I addressed it again, we found out that she had not meant to send it, somehow my name had been added to one of her group lists of folks with whom she normally shares these things. A coincidence?

I am still staying cautious, but I want you to see this portion of a video. I clipped it to show only the last part, because of the subject matter that is on the rest of the video. I still do not want to in any way glorify this, but I have seen several examples of this very thing in videos of late.

Let me say that I have absolutely zero background in film, editing, cameras, any of the technology or terminology surrounding photography, videography and cinematography. However, the person who made the video below, does have that background as a career not just in film, but specifically in the “Horror” genre. The clip you are about to see, he says is nothing he can explain away with any of his own extensive knowledge and experience for with video.

For some reason, I think in my spirit, this is something to do with the newer 4D or ultra-high definition functional abilities of the most up-to-date camera equipment, verses playback on equipment that is dated and not capable of doing justice to the definition that is actually available in the film itself. Something about this disparity seems to reveal these extra-dimensional entities that are present but only show up when high-def footage is played on low-def playback. ??

Anyone out there with knowledge about this stuff who can tell me if my theory holds any merit? We have all seen what happens to a pixilated image via satellite when reception “breaks up”. It’s something like that happening, and the premise of those talking about the “shapeshifters” is that intra-dimensional beings are projecting themselves into/onto their human “hosts” in these instances, and there is actually static in the transmission that offers the glimpse of something “not quite right”. It would be intentional, I would think, but made to look like a slight glitch, just to ramp up the curiosity factor because these hidden entities want nothing more than to be revealed, and indeed it seems a time has arrived that the Lord is beginning to allow this revealing.

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  1. One other thought : I don’t know what to make of the underground chambers and supposed reptilian creatures. The rest though, I’m inclined to think are modern day examples of demon possession. I am still not convinced that fallen angels are physically able to mate with humans. We know from the Bible they can take on the appearance of people and we know they can possess a person. The video of the tattoo guy really creeped me out. It was also interesting they reported the Martian sex slave guy as having a history of mental illness. It made me think: they could say the same thing about both of us! I’m going to respond to your email as soon as I gather my thoughts. I appreciate you so much!!


    • I am the same in the question of human/fallen angel mating premise. Particularly because the only support for that comes from non-canon sources, which are books that claim to be written by some of the authors of the canonized books but are known to be fakes. These extra-biblical sources can in some ways give insight into what was going on in the world at that time, but they can’t be legitimately cited as authoritative scripture. So that is why I retain a huge grain of salt policy with all of these men in “ministries” that major in the activities and doctrines of demons. On the one hand, it is necessary to be aware of these tactics, and these other “belief systems” that so many people hold which are rooted in the occult, but on the other hand, when you know the “real thing” well enough, you will spot the counterfeits, and what more does one need to know other than that something is indeed counterfeit?

      Deception is a major earmark of the latter last days. It is everywhere. And there is definitely an overlapping between the demonic and mental illness. I say this as someone who has been diagnosed with depression and at one time, Bipolar. After getting my sleep disorders diagnosed and properly treated, however, the erratic mood swings leveled out, the few (auditory) hallucinations I did experience never recurred, and my sleep specialist, who also had psychiatric and neuro credentials, believed that problems in sleep are probably underlying many more of our conditions than anyone realizes. Sleep medicine is not as far advance as most fields in the medical sector, and a lot has only just been understood. Sleep being a natural “altered state of consciousness” if something goes wrong in your body’s natural ability to correctly achieve sleep and rest, would seem like to me a fertile “playground” for Satan to insert himself and mess with people’s minds. Every sickness (sickness is death-in-process) is related to sin and the fall of man from Grace, but it is not so simple, and certainly not compassionate, to say “you’re sick because of sin”. The wages of sin is death. It is a spiritual law just like gravity is a physical law. But most of the world operates without consideration to spiritual law and indeed do not know it exists.

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  2. When I was in college and even fresh out of college, I worked at a Blockbuster Video store. There was a young woman and get mother who came in at least once a week. It was apparent that while the young woman was an adult, she was incapable of living fully independently. One day she randomly approached me and told me she worked at Kmart (or somewhere ) and she was having trouble at her job. She said when she looked at some of her coworkers and customers, she could see their faces distort into grotesque images. They are around us, she said, and I don’t know how to deal with them. At the time i thought she was either schizophrenic, had been watching too many horror movies (her favorite genre), or both. I also wondered why she chose me to tell this to. I have no idea what became of her after I quit. This video made me think of her and that odd day she approached me.


    • A lot of times an unsaved person my have come up in a family that dabbled in the occult. Because someone up the family tree opened themselves up to the demonic realm, they essentially gave dark forces permission to be in their life to a greater extent than the average, they have invited them into their person. Once a person has given this access into themselves to that realm, they can’t take it away, other than having someone with authority over the demonic realm via the blood of Jesus (a Christian) to command that entity out. It is the blood of Jesus they must obey, not the person. So someone who gets involved with the occult and never gets that hold broken, say they go on to have children. They continue to practice things, maybe often against their own preference and will, which that child grows up experiencing as “normal”. This is what the passage in Numbers is talking about when it says the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children to the third and fourth generation. It is not God punishing the children for their parent’s idolatry (and that verse does specifically refer to idolatry) but rather it is merely establishing the fact that the consequence of yielding oneself to those evil forces, has long-lasting implications in not just themselves, but those who come after them. This is also what the term “familiar spirits” refers to. The mother or grandmother of that young lady you met in the Blockbuster store, might well have come from a family with history of occult activity and those demonic spirits who had all permission to be in the midst of that family by virtue of the parents has watched that child grow up and knows an awful lot about her and her family. That gives them an advantage over her. So she ends up susceptible to those spirits in ways others wouldn’t be, all because her parents or grandparents flung open that door. When you read of the demon-possessed in the Bible, you may not have noticed before, but in some instances, when Jesus or a disciple addressed the demon, sometimes the demon-possessed person would be trying to get to Jesus or the disciple, even while the internal demon was fighting him and trying to prevent his getting there. The person would be begging for deliverance, while the demon would be tearing at him and controlling his body. So that young woman may have noticed something in you that spoke of hope and help, even as she was being tormented by the forces that were against her. I think we probably experience a lot more brushes with the other realm than we are ever aware of. I could tell you of instances in my work with Hospice that I didn’t recognize at the time, but now know that what I was witnessing in the physical, was an indication of what that person was seeing “in the spiritual” as they started crossing the veil. Not with saved patients, but with unbelieving ones. It was often very disturbing and they were visibly distressed and seeing things I couldn’t see, but which clearly terrified them! Even unbelieving nurses will tell you stories like that.

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