Mandela effect

Ok, it is late for me to be posting, but after watching the black goo Face Like the Sun videos, I got onto suggested videos that landed me on the Mandela Effect.  I have to admit this one was new to me.  I know string theory has to do with the gravity, timespace, and a number of dimensions, and a theory of infinite alternate realities. And science,  particularly physics, is just exploding right now with new discoveries.  But something very strange is going on. I believe that as mankind moves nearer to these taboo thresholds they are going to be allowed to go pretty far, and that is what the Book of Revelation is really about.  We  tend to think all those weird creatures and events in Revelation are just things God has “cooked up” for punishment, but in reality, it is looking more and more to me like it is all going to be man bringing these things upon himself.  God is going to allow it. But mankind has gone so far beyond what is proper in tampering with God’s created order, and God will limit what is allowed because if He did not, no flesh would survive.

This Mandela effect of false memories and having to do with the collective memory of society and all, is a piece of the “Strong Delusion” falling into place.  The idea that we can create reality with our own minds.  That’s what the guys were speculating on in one of the videos of a broadcast about the black-eyed-children.  That maybe we “manifest” these things by the power of our own minds, like it is our fear coming out into a visible form.  NO!  But now those of you Christians who have had your share of crazy encounters with the lunacy that takes place in churches today in the name of “worshipping God”, the name it and claim it and “power of attraction” stuff.  These many people in Christendom that believe they can speak things into existence, “speak wealth into your life” are as badly deceived as the New Agers and Scientologists who believe they can do the same.

From Rational Wiki:

Mandela Effect: The Mandela effect is the belief that certain disagreements between one’s memories and the real world are caused by oneself having been teleported to an alternate universe where things turned out slightly differently. It was named after Nelson Mandela, who some people erroneously believed to have died in prison in the 1980’s, when he in fact died in 2013. [1] The Mandela effect has not been explored by mainstream, peer reviewed publications, and the claim that some false memories are caused by parallel dimensions going berserk is difficult to falsify due to the inherently unreliable nature of human memory.

The videos all seem to talk about the same examples.  People remembering that the song on the Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood show, saying “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood” instead of “the neighborhood”. It is all examples from  print ads, or television, or movies.  What?  (Those mediums by which our minds have been controlled?)  Or the old Johnny Quest cartoon being spelled Jonny Quest.  Or Cap’n Crunch vs Captain Crunch. Look it up, there are plenty of YouTube videos like that.

When someone is mentally ill, or has suffered extreme sleep deprivation they will often remember things one way, and the reality is something different.  It’s like a glitch in the brain. The idea behind these things is that someone is purposely glitching the collective mind of society.  Well, if that is happening, then we are much more ready for the rise of the Antichrist than we thought!  And therefore even that much more close to the rapture of the Bride of Christ.

I believe this Mandela effect or theory is being planted because of the delusion that is coming.  The scriptures say be not deceived, and warn us how rampant deception will be in the latter days.

Between that and the black goo that essentially will be sentient man-made matter that can form into anything via programming, well, the stage really and truly is set for the insanity and coming chaos the Scripture warns about in the book of Revelation.

Considering all of the rumors of mind-control experiments having been carried out on massive scale for many years now, and the theory that television and music are all part of that hypnosis, well, I’d say the groundwork is all in place.

It is going to get really bizarre here on this planet very soon.  If you are not saved, you need to get saved. Yesterday, if not sooner!  With the Holy Spirit in us we Christians need now more than ever to walk in the Spirit and not in the flesh, so as not to fall for the delusions.  It is really important for us not to be a part perpetuating anything that is false, as well.  If you are a blogger or just like to post things on Facebook to pass on, do your own vetting first.  I believe a lot of people will be doubting their own sanity before long.  Nothing makes much sense anymore as it is, but what is more bizarre for those of us who know the Word and are watching and sounding the alarm, is to see how totally ignorant and/or gullible people are. And walking around as if in a complete daze.  It is not that rare anymore to hear of someone walking straight out into the street into oncoming traffic, even moms pushing strollers.  Is it that everyone has at least one eye on their smartphone at any given time?  Is it that we are all so sensory overloaded we are missing things and not even realizing it?    The younger generation that is embracing Socialism doesn’t really surprise me much, but even people who are in their forties and fifties and beyond are getting this way.  The entire phenomenon of Donald Trump proves that even as this nation goes down the toilet under Obama, people are ready to do the same thing all over again and vote for Trump.  (Not that any of the candidates are any better). But the sheer magnitude of people just blindly endorsing and embracing him  and all he has done is snow everyone with his gift of gab. That most of the collective world has suddenly become a drooling idiot, is not just proven by guys  like Mark Dice who go on college campuses and ask basic questions about who is the Vice President or whether or not Judge Judy is one of the members of the Supreme Court (which a lot of people did believe) but it is like most of the world’s “hard drives” (grey matter) has been swept over by a massive magnet and scrambled up a lot of people’s minds.  Professing Christians who have avoided being informed, are getting stupid right along with those who reject God altogether.

I tell you, God wasn’t joking when He said

  Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

Luke 21:36





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  1. I watched the Black Goo post you shared. Something about it reminded me of the movie “The Matrix” – which I just rewatched recently. Boy, was that eye-opening!!


    • Yes, the Principalities and Powers that be have been giving us previews of this stuff for a long time. It’s just that soon, it is going to be real.


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