On Black Goo, Dark Matter, Singularity and the Black Awakening

Once in a while, I get the prompting to try and write a post on something that I am very curious about but am just learning about and exploring for myself.  The question I asked in a previous post, sort of rhetorically, was whether Dark Matter and the Black Goo are the same thing, or at least, an organic and a synthetic version of the same thing.

I think that is an legitimate theory.  I think that man has reached a point in our knowledge and technology when God has allowed us to pass a never-before-crossed line.  Essentially we have learned that dark matter and dark energy have a supernatural element to them.  Studies have proven that even the tiniest portion of this substance causes psychosis in those exposed to it.  The substance I am referring to is what has been captured via CERN.

In replicating the design of this matter, science has come up with nano-bots.  Microscopic-sized programmable matter on par with the cells that make up living things.  These individual cells are programmed initially, but are sentient.  That means they analyze what information they take in, and draw conclusions based on that, and therefore they “learn”.  They also are self-replicating like living cells.  Or potentially so.

Well, that is one thing, but what we have to realize is that the knowledge and abilities set in motion in this black goo, will quickly move outside mankind’s ability to control it. Think of  various areas of math and science, even medicine, that entail such vast bodies of “knowledge” at this point, that it is difficult say, for an internist as your primary physician, to stay really abreast of the latest developments in Cardiology.  This is one reason why you have to see a specialist for everything.  It is not merely a conspiracy to charge you multiple co-pays.  While the field of Cardiology expands, your Cardiologist probably doesn’t have time to keep up so much with some of the basics of say diabetic research.  So there is this process wherein knowledge increases so exponentially, that it really does surpass the ability of humans to preserve it all with the minds we have, at least since the curse that we came under in the Garden of Eden.  I think the more we discover, though, the more the new information has implications that are relevant to the other areas of knowledge. So a discovery in one realm, advances research in several others. The term singularity, in one of it’s definitions, refers to that moment in time when intelligence (including artificial intelligence) and technology become so advanced that it changes humanity forever.  Since the technology is able to learn by itself, and to do computations so much faster than the human mind does, what the “machines” know would very rapidly surpass our own ability to comprehend or learn the same, and therefore would then be outside our ability to control or to STOP!  This is not good!  This is what God will not allow.

A singularity in physics/ mathematics, is the point at which a function takes on an infinite value, which speaking in terms of black holes, the matter is infinitely dense at its center.

A third application of the term singularity is more “existential/philosophical” in nature.  That is when all things become one.  Like the move toward global government, the move to unify all religions, that sort of thing.  And the idea of humans being gods and all as one with nature and the universe.  So we are moving, as a world, toward this concept of singularity in all realms!

At the end of 2015, NASA announced their new D-Wave computer solved an optimization problem 100 Million times faster than a single-core computer.(1)  That means your average computer would have taken 10,000 years to solve the same problem!  Now when you consider the fact that the generation whom we have dubbed “The Greatest Generation” saw us go from horse and buggy to trains and cars, passenger planes, from pot-belly stoves and coal furnaces to microwaves and central heating and air, from penicillin to broad-spectrum antibiotics, to antibiotic resistance, to how to make a germ respond once again to the antibiotic (by a trick learned from organic biofilms in the ocean).

If you have ever wondered how the Antichrist will have power to give life to the image of the beast, maybe this article will help you understand in a rudimentary way, how that will be possible in the very near future.

It has even been said that underneath the polar ice caps there is a copious amount of black goo which is only activated at certain higher temperatures.

For more fascinating/disturbing information and videos on this topic, I found this post on a website belonging to a woman named Lissa.

This next one is pretty mind-boggling in extrapolating into a potential future which we as Christians do not believe God will allow to come, but again, this shows how close we are.



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