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  1. Hi Sandee, Thank you for posting this video. I couldn´t disagree more with his premise.
    It seems that as soon as you touch music which I think is the number one item of man´s false worship that he will hang on to it before he lets go and renounce its power to hold them in bondage for God´s sovereignty in their lives, you will find such a big stronghold of defense and self-justification to protect their sacred cow.

    His credibility as far as I am concerned has plummeted to a sub-zero level. He might have some good insights from the previous vídeos that you sent me, but I think this one reveals a weakness of the flesh on his part that is blinding him through being self-deceived. His arguments and posting of a brief excerpt by Bullinger wich is not very thorough in his presentation and his very vague and general statement trying to justify his position and the lack of scriptures reinforced my assesment that he is deceived. I didn´t watch the rest of the vídeo, I had witnessed enough to conclude that he was wrong. The same argument is put forth that declares that “ All truth is God´s Truth” to convince hurting nad afflicted people that Christian psychology is the answer to our problems. Is “All wisdom God´s wisdom? James denies this erroneous assertion. “ or Is All music God´s music? “

    I think Laban has not entirely used the gift of discernemt and his power of God given wisdom and inteligent reasoning to probe into the depth of a subject that is spiritually discerned and obvious by some of the concerned brothers and sisters who are trying to warn the body of Christ of the growing present deception.
    I have heard personally the same faulty argument since 1985 when I reentered the fold from professional rock musicians that were converted to Pastors midleading their congregations by repeating the same lies. I have very good friends my age who are still stagnating in their christian lives or have been stripped of their commission and put on the shelf of inactive retirement and the subsequent following of their fleshly natural bend because of their stubborn clinging to their former idols. See the useless branches removed from service in John 15 and the parallel verses in Ezekiel 15 in ch. (following the judgment pronounced in preceding chapter 14) with the removal of Israel because of uselessness in their service to the Lord.

    The idols of the heart are very hard to remove. See Ezekiel 14 on setting up idols of the heart. Notice the triad in just a few verses with the extension of the sin and the subsequent judgment starting with the elders down to the people of Israel and finally including the foreigners that attached themselves to the nation.

    I hope to have the time to write more on this very subject that is at the heart of the defeat by deception of the “church” that is naked but thinks it is clothed, rich but poor, thinking that they are seeing the truth but blinded by the enemy and ripe for God´s judgment of being vomited by the Lord. Here are just two of the many articles and vídeos that are easily found on the web. The research has been done for some decades on the effects of music whether spiritual, emotional physiological, even conspiratorial. Both christian and New Age occultic research is exhaustive.


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