Say What? This is why we are going to be changed in an instant. God’s version of a decontamination chamber on the way up!

I saw an article in my reader this week about some 20 or 30 different ways people “identify”.  You know, the LGBTLMNOP only, there aren’t enough letters in the alphabet to cover them all.

Tonight, I checked my e-mails again, and in from the “End of the American Dream” blog (Michael Snyder) was a post entitled “The next wave: ‘Puppy Play’, ‘Ecosexuals’, and ‘Polyamory'”.  I am not even going to add a link.  Days of Noah, Days of Lot.  The first category involves dressing up.  Puppy Play is a little like CosPlay, only the costumes are dog costumes instead of Anime or Manga, and like CosPlay, there is a segment of participants that just does the dressing up, but as with most fantasy-type stuff, the line eventually gets crossed by some.

I tell you, the Lord will have to take His Bride home soon.  It is like living in a sewer down here.  When the powers-that-be have their way, this stuff will be inescapable.  It almost is now.  Since people will do anything in public and even driving down the highway you are subjected to pornographic images on billboards.  The sad thing is how much of this is participated in by children.  Whether by force or having developed a predilection due to influences in their lives.  God help us!