2 thoughts on “Hubby’s Latest Project

  1. Cool truck, and the fact that it has been in the family makes it very special, indeed. My husband, for awhile, had a ’68 Chevy truck once used on a ranch for hauling hay, pulling trailers, etc.. It was a standard 5 on the floor, 8 cylinder Stringray-type engine that could really go if need be. He named it ‘White Knight’, and when riding in it, I felt like royalty on my throne high up on the bench seat (had to add seat belts). Alas, my husband is not a mechanic, so he eventually sold it since repairs needed parts not readily available and lack of time to maintain. While he had it, he enjoyed it thoroughly as the car he never was able to have a as teenager. It was too big for me to drive, but I miss taking a ride in the cool evenings with the windows rolled down (manual type) smelling the freshly tilled soil or mowed alfalfa.

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