Our Baby graduated today!

Well, the time came! Thankfully it was not quite as hot as it was two years ago when his brother graduated. I didn’t see anyone passing out or being taken away in the ambulance. We got a spot on the side near the fence, so from where we were we could actually see them as they came off the platform, where they pause for the official photographer. Small town, big football field. Not ideal for seeing and hearing everything, but Jumbotron is not an option. It was not much different than when I graduated here myself thirty-four years ago, except there are some new bleachers.

Wow. Now I am the one walking past people with babies and wanting to say “that one will be up there graduating too, before you know it!”.

I see the same bittersweet emotions in our son’s face as I recall having on that day way back then. There is a certain feeling of anticlimax when it is over, and everyone scatters to various celebrations and all, and something is over and you feel a little sad and a little untethered and overwhelmed.

Mama doesn’t feel much different now, come to think of it. End of an “era” so to speak.

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