What if?

I don’t want to think about the possibility that the rapture is not as near as we hope.   I have my own reasons for feeling that way, but being spared persecution or hardship are not the top of that list, though I’d be lying (and stupid) if said I wouldn’t prefer to avoid those things.

The fact is, however, that if the Lord’s return is further distant in the future than we hope for, and it could be, then it does matter what we do about specific things right now in the present.  I have been striving for spiritual preparation foremost, and I have some limits as to how physically strong I can get, as well as how much stamina I can attain.  There are lots of people for whom this is so.  The very fact that this is true, is not something lost on God.  He promises to take care of His children.  By the same token, there are a lot of good, decent, honest people who are aware of the potential for hard times, lean times, who live hand-to-mouth already, have pared things down to the bone, and are just severely limited in their ability to store up for a future of scarcity.  This is not for lack of alarm bells being sounded, and not even due to willful ignorance.

And I am only talking about “prepping” for the likes of another Great Depression, not for the Tribulation.  No one can “prep” for that, except by getting saved.  If you have a different “position” on that, I’m not here to debate on it.  Do that on your own platform. That’s not what we’re here for.

I make no bones about not trusting Trump.  Not being able to muster up confidence in his proclamations and promises.  But considering where things stand, if the options come down to Hillary and Trump, not voting at all is still not an ethical or moral option.  Because doing a write-in, or staying home, as Christians, will serve only to divide (and waste) the conservative vote, and contribute to a win for Hillary, which will be worse than an Obama third term!  The powers-that-be are not going to allow Sanders to divide the vote on the left.  But the same establishment powers-that-be are likely to see to it that someone is in place for the express purpose of  diverting and divides the vote on the right.

That is why my conclusion is that I must vote for Trump.

Bill Perkins of Compass International breaks it down by scoring Trump v. Clinton on issues in a more concrete way.

Bill Perkins candidate ratings on Christian issues

We can’t predict the timeline for progression of prophetic fulfillment nor of the intentional dismantling of America.  We can count on the certainty that we have moved far away from God as a nation, and that “officially” America has turned their back on God and embraced evil.  Signs abound that His hand of protection is withdrawing at a rapid pace.  As a nation we are being “turned over” to the lawlessness that as a nation, America has chosen.

On July 16th of this year, an event has been planned, scheduled and hyped.  Its stated purpose is to bring unity to “all those who love Jesus” and to come together and “stand for Jesus” at America’s National Mall in D.C. The Pope has recorded a video message for it, in which he will address attendees. This is an “evangelical” event, but partnering with the Pope.  The goal is a million “believers”. It is being alternately referred to as “Fill the Mall” and as “Together 2016”.  Folks, the merging of all so-called “Christian” believers together to supposedly heal some artificial “rift” in a fictitious “universal church” is a ruse.  But many a church-goer is going to fall for it. It is a culmination of centuries of systematic conditioning and dissemination of false doctrine and false “church history”.  And it is a precursor to then merging this “reconciled Christianity” with the rest of the world’s religions.

What if we don’t vote for Trump and Hillary implements her brand of socialism, which is not the “kinder gentler” version Bernie Sanders is cultivating the youth’s appetite for.  It will be the full-on Marxist flavor.  High-octane, undiluted, globalist, militant and ruthless.  Consolidation of power, under the thumb of a rabid  Jezebel Queen.

Will the Radical Terrorist problem get better under her?  Will the Orlando attack be just another horrific incident?  The same pattern that has played out over and over in European nations is now poised to commence here, and the attack on the Gay club called Pulse, was a one-two-three punch, a triple threat!  How so?  Because it was an Islamic Terrorist who has been on FBI radar, who has multiple terror ties, who actually was a frequent patron of that bar, and because it is an attack on the current pet “cause” which is defending people’s right to be reprobate, and also because it is one more excuse to repeat the gun-control talking points ad infinitum.

Where might the next big terror attack play out in America.  It won’t be another 9-11.  It will be an American “Beslan school Massacre“, or a megachurch, or worse,  a series of attacks on tiny churches without any of the resources for security other than maybe its own armed members.  It could even be on the National Mall on July 16th.  How about football games?

I think that we can’t worry about whether Trump fulfills his promises, but have to act on what information we have to go on in the present.  If there is any way at all to put the brakes on this freefall America is in, we owe it to ourselves and one another to do it.  Before an oil spill can be cleaned up, the well has to be capped and the mess has to be contained.  We are not going to ever be the America we once were.  But we don’t have to become Europe.  (Sorry, Europe!).

When Americans have murdered nearly sixty million babies, which by the way so far exceeds the number of people who have died in America’s wars (ALL OF THEM) it is not even close!

abortions vs deaths in WWII.PNG



The visual demonstrates the comparison of abortion deaths vs war deaths in  just one war.

But the abortions far exceed the casualties of ALL our wars combined.  This chart shows abortions and Civil War and WWII, whereas all the other wars are such tiny slivers by comparison, they don’t even register in the image!

Abortion casualties vs all war casualties of US

War is not always righteous in nature, but America has often been a defender of the helpless in war, whereas abortion is the wholesale slaughter of the most helpless human beings of all.  Not only that, but they are slaughtered in the one place they theoretically ought to be the safest! Right in the womb!

America is in trouble.  We dare not invite more if we can help it.  I am not as concerned about jobs as I am about our official policy toward Israel, the attack on family and the wholesale embrace of madness that is transgenderism and self-determined gender “identity”, and the millstone around our neck that is the indoctrination of preschoolers and kindergarteners into acceptance of homosexuality.  I am more concerned about the move to disarm good people, leaving all advantage in the hands of the criminals on the street and the criminals in power in the highest offices.  Not that jobs aren’t a gargantuan and legitimate issue as well.

What if we are here another fifteen years? Twenty?  Thirty?  I don’t want to even consider that possibility but what if we don’t consider it. What if we rely on our hope of the timing of our escape from here, and we miscalculate?  Even when we have relative certainty as to the spiritual standing of the people we love, and even if we have done the best we can to warn everyone in our circle of influence, and even if we share the gospel every chance we get, what will we have brought onto the heads of our loved ones, our kids and grandkids, if we don’t vote at all and Hillary wins, and we remain longer than we had hoped to.

I can’t really “endorse” Trump in the truest sense of that word, but nor can I condone neglecting to do something, anything and everything we can, to mitigate against, slow down, and minimize the implosion of whatever remaining virtue America might still possess at this juncture.  We have to “strengthen what remains” at all costs, not so America can survive for the sake of surviving, but because we are the last remaining hold-out as a nation, against total world descent into lawlessness and Godlessness.

I don’t think another gathering of “One Million” in D.C. is going to change anything.  I think praying in the privacy of our own home and entire churches on their face in repentance and intercession for America can only help to possibly prepare our hearts and persuade God toward mercy and further grace, but we certainly have no grounds to expect or presume it.

I am not suggesting we will postpone the Tribulation or the fulfillment of prophecy.  It is going to be fulfilled.  We just can’t afford to count on the end of this dispensation of grace being immediate. Personally, I have been surprised more than once, to see another year come to completion without the sound of that trumpet calling us in.  There certainly is more reason than ever before for expectation and anticipation to be heightened, and the stage is set.  But we still don’t know when God’s will commence the action.  Hard times and struggles and disintegration are all inevitable, in every age, in every life.  We have to keep our faith resting in the Lord and nothing and no one else.  Our Blessed Hope remains out there before us, and we can count on it.  But counting on it being this year or next year or before this or that, is to take matters beyond what God has granted us latitude to take them.  Yes, I console myself with the fact that it COULD be today.  That gets me through a lot of rough patches.  But when He comes will He find faith?  Will we remain ready, and vigilant, no matter how much worse it gets before then?

This is not me, changing my tune.  I am a person who has learned by necessity, to live in the moment.  I don’t look too far out ahead, and I only look back when it can help me figure something out that is before me.  I try to glean benefit from whatever has already happened, good or bad, because if you learn something from it, you are redeeming something lost. In truth, my life has undergone a narrowing that I would not have chosen for myself, but it is what it is.  I don’t project ahead in pleasant anticipation of things I have dreamed of, I don’t “hope” for more money, a better house, that sort of stuff.  I do try to be circumspect about what I do dwell and think on.   I do try to be a good steward of what I have already been given. (All is from the Lord).  This is just me, acknowledging that true born-again American Christian voters are coming up on a moment of truth here.  It is time to figure out what our move will be come November.  We can’t count on the outcome, and may honestly have very little influence in the overall scheme of things, but we are nonetheless obligated to do what we can, no matter how small it is, because we will give an account.

I don’t like to be the person stumping for Trump.  But if God is throwing out a life boat who are we to complain that it’s a dingy and not a fully loaded fully staffed, Coast Guard vessel?  We probably ought to get on board and risk it, if refusing to get on board means sinking like a stone.  And I am afraid that is pretty much our dilemma here.  That’s just my thoughts on the matter.  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “What if?

  1. As I said, whatever you can live with. I wouldn’t think it’s any harder for God to work through either candidate despite their flaws if intended, but I believe it’s been awhile since God intervened in such a crass historical fashion. These days we are pretty much on our own to promote leaders. If the major parties can’t put up persons of exceptional quality, I’m under no obligation to support either one of them. It’s not a moral see-saw, where not voting for one equals a vote for the other.

    I appreciate the opportunity for sharing opinions with you though, whether we agree or not.


  2. I totally agree with all you said. We may look at Trump as the lesser of two evils, but I believe he is trying to improve America/. Can he do all he says, of course not. I believe he will be good for our soldiers inharms way by providing the equipment they need, I believe he will try to help our Veterans who deserve all the help they need, and I believe he can help the economic issues. Do I believe he understands Christians value, moral issues, and such, NO, but I do believe he respects and know the Constitution re; Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of Speech and the second amendment, The right to bare arms. Hilary does not believe in any of these thing. Wake Up People and vote. Don’t let her get in because you did not like the opponent so you didn’t go vote. Stand Up and fight.


  3. I think if you can manage to twist yourself into a logic pretzel sufficiently to vote for an immoderate, blaspheming, false-witnessing, lying, business cheat and adulterer, basically because “he’s not Hillary”, you have more comfort with self-delusion than I do. I’m not a fan of “lesser of two evils” choices, because you still end up supporting evil, under the excuse of pragmatism. If you can’t find a candidate whose character and policies you proactively support, you can always skip the top contest and vote for your local candidates and changes in law. Unless you happen to live in one of the 10-12 “swing” states, it matters little mathematically what you as an individual do about voting for President. All the other states will reliably grant their Electoral College votes to whichever major party they have for decades.


    • Hi Mikey, thanks for reading and commenting! Your point about the Electoral College are certainly valid! Even if we do vote there is no guarantee that the “button you push” will register the vote you intended. I look at it in the same way that I look at the fact that I can’t control how the company I buy my jeans from spends their money. There is doing in “good faith” what you can do, like giving someone money for food, but they go spend it on booze. We are not voting for Trump as a spiritual leader. Cyrus the Great is the logical example that springs to mind, of how God can and has use(d) someone who is not a follower of His for good despite the fact. King Cyrus of Persia is known to have been influenced by Zoroastrianism and to have prayed to Bêl and Nabû, and paid homage to the Babylonian Murdock in the diplomatic sense, but didn’t subscribe to any particular religion that we know of. Yet he believed in religious tolerance, and as we know from scripture, he liberated the Jews from Babylonian captivity, re-established Jerusalem, and wrote the decree which authorized the rebuilding of the temple. Darius also was a follower of Zarathustra, but he not only allowed the rebuilding of the temple to commence, but provided the materials and the protection of the Jews while they did so. In this age of Grace, surely God can work good through and in spite of a man who is an adulterous, blaspheming business cheat better than an avowed God-hater who has already proclaimed outright that “religious convictions must be changed”.


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