Distill: To extract the essential meaning, or most important aspects of

Sitting here this morning, having consumed a fairly massive amount of information in the last 24 hours, I have asked the Lord to help me condense and distill the sum of it somehow.

From Adam Walsh to Natalie Holloway, to Hannah Graham, in my lifetime I have watched the multiplication of evil and a correlating drift of our churches from truth.  Looking back further than my own lifetime, just since WWI and the Industrial Revolution, this world has undergone head-spinning change.

I have moved from a childhood naïve faith, to an informed faith, to a tried faith, and now facing what will doubtless become a persecuted faith in the very near future if the Lord tarries much longer, and I have concerns for friends and family members who don’t have any inkling what is happening on this Earth right now and what lies dead-ahead.

There is a sector of the American military that is an arm of the Globalists and there is a lot of evidence that they have been operating in the occult for nearly a century.  The Bible told us that our battle and struggle is not with flesh and blood.  But as successive generations move further and further away from a literal interpretation of the Bible, and into ultimately Biblical illiteracy and outright apostasy, people no longer know this, and the realm of evil has expanded to swallow up most of the “territory” of the world.  In governments, in homes, in churches, and in nations.

Since Obama was elected, with a huge portion of the black Christian vote in America, as well as many white Christian votes, our nation has been set back in race relations, in morality, in economic stability, in military might, and every other way one could possibly think of.  The left calls this “progress”.  We see it as tragic diminishment.  It is progress to them, though, because their goals are a hundred and eighty-degrees the opposite direction from that of freedom-loving Americans.

The “success” of Donald Trump doesn’t give us anything on which to hang any new hopes for “making America Great Again”.  If you are voting for Trump for that reason, as a Christian, you’re barking up the wrong tree.  But if he remains true to the statements he is making, and the promises and goals he is spouting, then he at least provides for a modicum of possibility of retaining more freedom, a while longer in America than we will should/when Obama, et al, orchestrate martial law and suspend the elections, or if Hillary takes the office.

Deep underground military Bunkers/bases are dotting the subterranean landscape of America.  The “word” on the internet is that the purpose of these run the gamut from  protection for the elites, storage of food and necessities, to housing “supernatural entities a.k.a. beings from other portions of the universe” housed in some of them. This is not conspiracy websites that make these claims, but many reputable sources from within government, military, and contractors for same.  The bases are said to be the size of small cities, four and a quarter square miles, with hospitals and other facilities, and to be tied together by high-speed underground rail systems.

Some things are being declassified in regards to the U.S. military and “alien encounters” and of course Area 51 remains off-limits but of huge interest to many who are determined to get to the bottom of the secrets it holds.

Some in Christian end-times ministries anticipate a deception relating to UFO’s will take place in the final end-of-this-age chaos.  Even non-Christians who claim to have had alien encounters report a notably malicious and evil nature to entities they believe they have met.

With the claims so widespread over the world, coming from different cultures, different religious backgrounds, no religion at all, there is certainly reason for anyone who wishes to be aware of their world and environment, to take notice of these reports, despite the fact many different conclusions about them will inevitably result.

The Brexit has some people believing that “the people” have struck a blow to the New World Order globalists.  I don’t think that is the case at all.  The U.K. was the main European supporter of energy independence.  Russia will benefit.  Russia has a military presence in the Middle East, and NATO is practically salivating to go to war with Russia, this very moment.  With tanks and NATO Battalions amassing on Russia’s Eastern border at this moment.  A lot of posturing and saber-rattling, warnings and counter-warnings going on.

The sanctions against Russia will probably be let up now.  Russia will have no real obstacle to becoming the major gas supplier for the remainder of the EU.  All at the same time when Israel has become kind of chatty with Russia in the face of American weakness and enmity with Israel (officially speaking, anyway).  America’s borders have been virtually eradicated.  Radical Jihadists are in our midst.  In a month a gathering called “PULSE” will occur in DC which will unite the “protestant church” and the Catholics.  While just recently in Florida at a club named PULSE, the globalists staged a false-flag event (which doesn’t mean no one was hurt or died, just that it was instigated and purposeful) all for the goal of furthering the gun-control agenda, and right on the heels, that ridiculous stunt by the Dems, the “sit-in”.

With Obama making the official stance of America as non-Christian, Vladmir Putin astonishingly, has cast himself in the role of the protector of Christianity.  The Russian Orthodox Church was a split from Roman Catholicism.  The areas of Russia that are involved in the Gog/Magog alliance, are majority Catholic. And there is now indication of mending the rift between the Russian Orthodox faction and mainline Catholicism and Rome.

And by the way, in January of this year, Pope Frances apologized to Protestants for persecution in the past, and has been courting Muslims heavily, promoting the idea that we all worship the same god.

Putin has forces and influence in Syria, in Iraq and Iran,  owns or is building ports in Turkey, Cyprus and Greece and North Africa, and of course his ships are in the Mediterranean.  In 2014 he moved into Crimea and the Ukraine.  Russia has aided Iran in Syria, and is now allies with Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (the old Persian empire) and is working with Hezbollah, right on the Golan border!  Putin threatened a coup of Turkey in 2015, and Turkish jets took down a Russian war plane.  Putin wants control of Turkey.  Russia has always had aspirations to conquer Turkey/Constantinople. The millions of immigrants have overwhelmed Europe and her leaders.  Europe now will be divided from being the “two feet” of Daniel’s statue, and next come the ten toes. Eastern Europe, Russia and Greece will be one leg.  Greece may well be the next to exit the EU as they have been nearly crushed under the weight of this influx of migrants.  Europe’s separated countries will align with Russia (for safety).  We have to get to that “Ten Toes” place in prophetic fulfillment.  This will be driven by economics.  That is what these exits are about.

The Russian-led alliance of Middle Eastern powers that will invade Israel, is ready to go!  But the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom, a stone cut out without hands, that will smite the image on his feet and break them in pieces. (Daniel 2).

The British people are waking up, Americans are waking up. Europeans are waking up.  What this actually means is that this very moment is when the Powers that Be must strike!  They are going to pull out all the stops. This is the most dangerous time in mankind’s history.  Chimeras and genetically altered and engineered beings are alive and well, ready to be possessed by demons.  Fallen angels and Satan himself have worked toward this moment for centuries, and now the Powers that Be are ready to finish up this long-planned task of conquering mankind.   Your soul is only safe in Jesus Christ.  We are living in the time of “Revelation”.  Not the tribulation.  But Revelation.  People are seeing.  And bloodshed is going to ensue.   The true chaos is only just getting started.

Believe the Gospel and be saved today! It will soon be too late!


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  1. Sandee, your distilled summary is spot on. Surely one of the key tipping points now is the world-wide economy (you mention the “10 toes”). A global “mindset” of economic entitlement has taken hold nearly everywhere now (both at the individual and government levels, thanks to socialist ideology). Something has to give before very long!

  2. I believe the church is waking up, and I pray that it is. Jesus told us he would not leave us orphans; I think your one sentence sums it up nicely: “Your soul is only safe in Jesus Christ. ” ❤

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