Are you angry yet?

You know what?  I don’t just feel angry at the policies of the Obama administration and their intentional subservience to Islam, and our worthless do-nothing congress.  I don’t just feel anger at the Muslims that are practicing their religious mandate to lie to our faces while they plot our deaths.  I feel angry at friends of mine who don’t even want to read this blog because it makes them think of things they would rather pretend don’t exist and pretend they aren’t happening   People who claim to give a crap. But when it really comes down to it, how many have ever called congress?  How many have gotten on their knees to plead with the Lord for mercy and not for America to be “great again” but to be humble again, and God-fearing again?

I feel anger at the pastors who never even touch on this stuff at church.   I feel anger at the willful ignorance of people who otherwise take pride in their intellectual prowess and useless knowledge and multiple degrees because they have allowed themselves to be flattered by academia and brainwashed into utter imbecility and the totally irrational belief that truth is relative and something can both be and also not be, at the same time.  This is a real child.  Raped.  In America.  By MUSLIM ILLEGALS who are here to suck out everything good that there is in this nation.  And because we as a nation have been stupid enough to elect the Demonic Muslim Barrack Obama and keep corrupt and  Marxist congressmen and senators on the payrolls until DEATH, now we are becoming Sharia-Compliant in our own laws and military. These thugs were released to rape another powerless child.  All over our streets are more of the same, intent on as much death and harm as they can get a way with.  Seriously?  When does the actual uprising start?!

7 thoughts on “Are you angry yet?

    • I especially relate to that portion of the comment that says “it’s like when you enter the church you enter into a bubble”. That is precisely why I had to leave the last church fellowship I left. You heard about the revival taking hold in N.C. and W.V.? Real deal! America doesn’t have to go down in shame and defeat. God’s plan will proceed. But we can go down fighting for what is holy and right. There does seem to come a time when you stop trying to talk to anyone else but God Himself.


  1. I too feel the same way. Pastors are not informing the people and the people like it that way. I appreciate the preacher you posted the other day.
    He hit the nail on the head. Nothing
    Matters after AD 90, it’s like you enter
    The church and you enter a bubble.
    Don’t talk about negative things and do not bring up current political enemies.
    I believe our Lord is sending strong delusion to those that do not care.
    Jesus declared there would be those with eyes that see not and those with ears who hear not. It’s not our responsibility to make them hear it’s our duty to deliver the message so the blood is off our hands. All throughout history the people neglected and despised Gods prophets.


    • Amen Kip! The fact that we don’t have the responsibility of making people accept truth, is lost on a lot of people. I am frankly thankful that I don’t labor under that false yoke. I just state it and let it stand. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job to convince and convict. You will immensely enjoy Pastor Lawson’s two sermons that will post here later this evening. They’ll be up before midnight, but you may not want to stay up that late (or, I don’t know what time zone you’re in, I’m East Coast.)


  2. Ditto what you said.

    I feel frustrated and defeated.

    For the past 40 years I’ve been an Activist of sorts. I have called, written, signed petitions and boycotted and I’ve come to realize that none of it matters. Our President, Congress, Legislators, Governors and so on don’t work for us. They work for those who contribute big money to keep them elected and bring influence to them and enrich their bank accounts. They view the voters as servants and themselves as our Lord’s and masters.

    Sorry but I’m tired of speaking out and fighting cause it doesn’t make a difference.


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