This week is going to be “Good Sermon Week” her

Listen up, folks!  I posted a boatload of stuff Sunday.  I realize a lot of folks are not gong to watch or read everything that I post here and I am totally fine with that.  I sometimes post a lot on the weekend, and take a bit of a break during the week, which allows those who might click on ServeHimInTheWaiting every day, to catch up on what is already there. I have the capability to schedule posts days, weeks, months ahead of time, and I do realize that people will pass right by posts from yesterday because it might already be “old news”.  But I want to make as much available as I can, for those who have more time and a greater “appetite” to consume more.

For this week, I have already scheduled sermons that will post, one each day, all week long. Because people are STARVING for them.  And because all the time I spend trying to inform Christians may possibly be  turning into a waste of time at this point.  The people who are going to wake up, are mostly now awake  and already know what time it is, and it’s more important for them to stay encouraged  than to keep on top of every development.  Like me, you mostly just want to know how much closer we might be to the end.  More important, also, are the sermons that give the gospel.  So for this week, at least, that is being provided for in these pre-scheduled sermons.  I’ll post other stuff if it seems extremely significant.  Otherwise, I may spend my time doing other things this week.  You’all know how I am.

4 thoughts on “This week is going to be “Good Sermon Week” her

  1. It’s a blessing to hear of likeminded
    People out there. Your posts express
    My sentiments exactly. I wonder how other Christians do not have the same
    Desire to see their Lord. I want to know how close we are and I need strong preaching relevant to today. We are facing eternity and most Christians
    Are yawning in the face of God.
    The Alarms are going off but the people
    Are asleep. Amen, to your preachers
    They are of excellent caliber. Definitely NOT hirelings


    • Yes, I am realizing that people are absolutely starving to hear someone with the true unction of the Holy Spirit clearly evident in their preaching! A lot of people have never heard a preacher preach under the inspiration of the Spirit.


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