Clinically Insane: Nation Reacts to Abortion Bombshell

Clinically Insane: Nation Reacts to Abortion Bombshell June 28, 2016For families like Karnamaya Mongar’s, yesterday’s Supreme Court decision was nothing to celebrate. While some young women cheered a ruling that lets monsters like Kermit Gosnell exploit them, Mongar’s family knows all too well what the five justices’ opinion means for Karnamaya. Karnamaya couldn’t tell these misled girls her story, because she was left to die in Gosnell’s filthy clinic recliner after an overdose of Demerol — most likely administered by one of his 15-year-old anesthetists. Like them, she probably never believed that ending her baby’s life would cost her her own. But that will be an even greater risk now that our highest court has given abortionists the freedom to treat women — not as patients, but profits.By tearing down Texas’s law, the Supreme Court gave women access all right — to shoddy care from cold, calculating opportunists. In Pennsylvania, that “care” was an inner-city torture chamber where “semi-conscious, moaning women sat on bloodstained blankets” in rooms that “reeked of urine.” In Delaware, that “access” looks like unsterile instruments held by abortionists who don’t even wear gloves. These are the third-world conditions the Left fought for — and won — on Monday. This is the “progress” that government-funded groups like Planned Parenthood are high-fiving Hillary Clinton over. These are the back-alley abortions the Court just brought inside facilities across Texas.As Senator Tim Scott #R-S.C.# argued, “This should not be a pro-life or pro-choice issue. Women deserve access to safe and sanitary conditions, period.” Now, in toppling H.B. 2, moms may be better off at a Texas veterinary clinic than an abortion center. At least those are regulated! Let’s face it, said a frustrated Tom Cotton #R-Ark.#, the “Supreme Court has left almost no room for common sense and simple decency in our nation’s approach to abortion.” Already, one Pennsylvania Democrat is using the Court’s decision as an excuse to introduce a repeal of the basic safety standards put in place because of the Gosnell tragedy.[…]

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