The Bible and the New World Order

Some who are in a habit of starting with the most recent post and continuing back until they are caught up, might notice this video is also posted on June 24th.  Apparently, the scheduler no longer automatically prevents you from setting a date that has already passed, as your “scheduled posting date”.  I found that out by accident when I posted this, then looked in “pending drafts” only for it to be nowhere to be found.  So I did a “test” and discovered that yes, indeed, it is possible to post something now and have it show up in the blogs-stream sequence in the past.  Time travel, a la WordPress.  There you go! So at least one person (Kisti Ann) has already viewed it, but for the rest of you….here it is again.

Note:  I disagree with what he says about the Lambs book of life, and started to give you my own understanding of that, but I actually need to research the references if I’m going to dispute the preacher.  Just letting folks know, as usual, just because someone on my blog says it doesn’t mean I hold the same position.  __S. T. LLoyd