Day of Rage + Major Cellphone interruption across the U.S.+TOGETHER2016 = trouble? Don’t fall for it, this is a purposely orchestrated situation and here is proof!

Map of the cellphone blackouts:

cellphone outages


Map of the “Rage” events (both the rage event and the Together 2016 will be in D.C.)

Day of Rage map

The only problem is, that list of locations and indeed the supposed “call for day of rage” is from 2014! See HERE

People!! Do NOT fall for this set-up!!!  Stay home!  It is the same list of cities, and Anonymous has assertively denied having made this call for protests.

SOMEBODY wants angry mobs, and knows that if they “throw a protest” there are plenty of idiots who will show up to take part in the mayhem and looting.  Wonder who it is that particularly loves to (create and then) take advantage of crises?

Already the FBI and DHS are putting out strong signals that they fully expect trouble at both the DNC and RNC.