My thoughts on the RNC grand finale

Having his beautiful and well-spoken daughter introduce Trump and testify to his greatness as a man, was a no-brainer and very expedient setup for Trump’s acceptance speech.  She is a chip off the old block, therefore for her to speak is virtually for him to speak, just in a more appealing  “wrapper” from a purely aesthetic standpoint.  She sounded very much like someone who has had extensive elocution coaching, professional training as a model/spokesperson and pageant participation experience.  She pulled it off like the polished a professional that she is.  She may have even managed to humanize The Donald a little bit, in that freakish, people-are-so-obsessed-with-the-“real“-lives-of-celebrities kind of way.  I tend to go more with what his son said about him, that”there is no other side to him”.  I’m sure it was spoken to mean “what you see is what you get”, but    I mean, one dimension is one dimension.  None of this family endorsement convinces me that there is no hidden agenda.  Being a shrewd (cut-throat) art-of-the-deal businessman is not accomplished by sentimentality and tenderheartedness.  They would have us believe he is a teddy bear underneath.  I don’t know.  Maybe he is.  But for me, the narrative was so specific to the issues that middle-America have hammered on since the Obama campaign, that I had to wonder if they didn’t use some kind of algorithm to come up with it. It was taking what people are saying, and simply merging all of the talking points into one flowing diatribe, wrapped in a perfect bow.  A “merge and regurg” with the specific aim of making a big swath of people feel like someone is actually listening.  Anyone who has ever held a sales job, understands that the key to selling is listening, making the potential customer feel “heard”.  That’s what Donald Trump is a genius at.  He is selling himself.  And Americans are buying just like the other half did eight years ago.

The fact that Ivanka’s extensive product line of fashion, jewelry and accessories is almost exclusively produced outside the U.S.A is neither here nor there.  Completely irrelevant to The Donald’s promise to bring jobs back into America and penalize giant corporations that bypass the tax laws and labor laws of America for the sake of obscene profit.

In his speech, Trump seemed to touch on just about every issue of concern to the majority of conservatives in America.  I didn’t say all the issues of Christians, but that self-deprecating thing he did when he mentioned the Evangelicals, credited them with a “large reason”why he was there accepting the nomination, and that he wasn’t sure he deserved their wonderful support, was masterful, don’t you think?  Flattering  in that schmoozy kind of way he has.  Talking like a New Yorker, a regular Joe, is only endearing to the masses because they’re fed up with the Ivy League elites, and incredibly, don’t count him among them.

The spot for “openly gay founder of PayPal Peter Thiel” was kept brief, but the inclusion of the specific words “I’m proud to be gay, proud to be a Republican, but most of all Proud to be an American” made Mr. Thiel’s point and added just the right degree of inclusiveness and “spirit of unity” for most conservatives not to get too upset about it.  A spirit of unity between conservatives and anyone from the LGBTQ sector is a rare thing, for certain.

Trump outright called terrorism what it is, and said the words “we don’t want them in our country”, speaking of all illegals, particularly ones who don’t come here to assimilate and who “don’t love us”.  Everyone cheers because he’s saying what so many are thinking, and he’s saying it openly and is unapologetic.

Does anyone else find it bizarre that people in government, (or trying to become a part of government) are talking a lot about love lately?  Love and compassion are the answer to terrorism according to Loretta Lynch.  I think I have to agree with Rep. Doug Collins when he said “I miss Eric Holder”.  Like people thought Nixon was bad, until we had the Clinton’s.

I heard a lot of “I will” statements, but zero “and this is how” statements.  That only tells me that he knows what people want, not that he knows how to make it happen, nor that he will be able to, even as President.  Is that office what it once was, after Obama’s changes in this nation?

I don’t know the answer to that.  But as I have said before, the only thing we have ever had to go on in elections is what we are told. And what we see in the news, on blogs, etc. The seething resentment of some of the other Republican candidates is interesting.  Is it for real or part of the show?  We have a press that is completely in the pocket of the elites now.  We vote for people on the basis of what they say they will do.Every four years.  All the time!  Every time. When they get into office, there is very little means for holding them to their promises.  There are people who patently dismiss the obvious guilt of one candidate, while others place naive trust in another one, based on nothing more than a “feeling in their gut”.  I don’t have much confidence that Trump is going to do what he is promising.  Not because I think he isn’t capable.  I am just still not convinced he isn’t playing a role eliminating in all the other contenders on the conservative ticket, and doing so with every intention of seeing Hillary be the next President.  I don’t think he wants to be president.  I think he is someone who is pals with the politicians and willing to do them a favor for the sake of the perks it will buy him.  We live in a nation that is run by the wealthy for the wealthy, and Trump is one of “THEM”.  So was Reagan, by the way, the one we all love to love.

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are close friends.  Did you know that?

To me, Trump and Hillary are not that different.  They differ only in what they are SAYING these days.  And people don’t seem to notice that Trump is just playing a new tune right now, possibly only because it is expedient.  This is what a salesman does.  You want to sell a boat to a fisherman, you become a fisherman, know everything there is to know about fish, fishing, fishing equipment, fishing laws, lures, bait, and all the best locations.  You have to get their confidence, then you can “sell” to them. Some sales people are expert “closers” and like the guy batting “clean-up” in baseball, they’ll call him in when the other person has the customer almost there, but wavering just shy of the dotted line.

Donald Trump is a closer.  It’s what he does.  I just can’t get past that. Great speech, rousing, said all the right things, but I’m not sold. I mean, I can’t see not voting, even if there is only a 1% chance he will do what he promises.  With Hillary it is a 99.9% chance she will do her best to destroy all that is left of what America always was.  She’ll build on Obama’s “legacy” and do  much worse!

How about you?  Any warm fuzzies for Trump?



5 thoughts on “My thoughts on the RNC grand finale

  1. Well, said. Personally, it feels to me like being between a rock and hard place/ 6 of one or half a dozen of the other situation with limited choice options at the polls. I have often heard that a nation gets the leadership that it deserves—I’m not sure about the truth of that, but in addressing the muddy waters in which our nation is wading with perspective, I received a breath of fresh air from my daughter. She reminded me with a reference from a Facebook post that she came across which addressed our nation being in a dark place and that Philippians 4:4-9 is what we should hold on to. God is in control–praise Him–but sometimes those muddy waters are difficult to navigate day after day. This verse helps me with how to handle that ‘muddiness’.


  2. Since I can’t, as you tell us to “play nice,” I’d better keep my mouth shut. Political elections only give the pundits areas to air their own prejudices. One things for sure. I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton.


    • I don’t think it is going to matter whether anyone actually votes for her or not. If everyone voted for Trump, she would still “win”. And Tim Kaine, oh my word, don’t get me started. I was so glad when he left office in VA but had I known his next major stop would be the White House, ugh! He is a ringer for the Obama/Clinton bunch.


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    I have no warm fuzzies for Trump . I just told my dad this afternoon that I’m afraid if he is elected, he is going to disappoint /surprise alot of his supporters. I, too, can’t shake the feeling that Americans are once again being played for fools and that Trump is placed here for nefarious purposes.


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