What to Make of Erdogan’s Proposal for a ‘Turkish-Iranian-Russian Alliance’

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(Well, I know what I make of it!  Gog/Magog alliance!–S.T. Lloyd)

In a telephone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed his willingness to cooperate closely with Iran and Russia “to settle regional crises and restore peace and stability to the region.” But what do Russian political analysts make of the Turkish leader’s proposals?As expected, the main topic of discussion between the Iranian and Turkish leaders during Tuesday’s phone call was the failed military coup attempt that rocked Ankara on Friday night. Rouhani emphasized that Iran welcomed the return of stability in Turkey, and praised “the great maturity of the Turkish people, who showed during this coup attempt that strong-arm tactics have no place in our region.” © AFP 2016/ JIM WATSONChill in US-Turkish Relations May Signal Ankara’s Shift Toward MoscowBut the two leaders also touched on the situation in the Middle East as a whole, and seem to have come to a consensus that there are global forces who are not satisfied with the idea of tranquility in the region. For his part, President Rouhani noted he has no doubt that together with the terrorists, there are also “some superpowers” trying to destabilize things.[….]

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4 thoughts on “What to Make of Erdogan’s Proposal for a ‘Turkish-Iranian-Russian Alliance’

  1. As I have mentioned before, the Gog/Magog alliance will indeed include Russia, Turkey and Iran, but if you read closely you will note that it specifies “Gomer and all his bands”. Gomer’s descendants include the Germanic tribes who are descended from Gomer’s son Ashkenaz. This will include Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, Holland, England (Yes the English are Germans) and the French.

    Gomer’s son Togarmah was the father of the Turkic tribes, including Turkey, Azerbaijan, and the ‘stan countries/

    Gomer’s third son is Riphath, who is the father of the Celtic tribes, including the Welsh, Scotts, Irish, Bretons of France, and the Catalans of Spain. (and possibly the Armenians) Will Catalonia separate from Spain? I think so, and this coalition will not be complete without them!

    The central Europeans are descended from Magog. The Hungarians actually call themselves Magyar, which is a derivation of the name Magog. The other central Europeans are also their brothers, even though they don’t speak the same language. When the tribes were separated at Babel, some of them ended up speaking the language of their wives families while others spoke their father’s language. So families were split up, but they are all still related, and they will unite in the End Times.

    Look for Magog to form a Eastern European Union to protect them from domination by Russia (Meshech and Tubal).

    So, yes, the Gog/Magog alliance is starting to come together but it won’t be complete until it extends all the way across northern Europe from Russia to Ireland!

    Mark my words!

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