Donald Trump doesn’t have to be a Christian for God to use him.

EXACTLY!!! They’re just being useful non-voting idiots for the liberals. There are numerous instances in the Bible when God used the ungodly to accomplish His will. I don’t know that Trump will do what he says, but I know Hillary will multiply the damage Obama has done. And Tim Kaine, well, I’m a Virginian and he is very BAD NEWS.

Cry and Howl

Since Donald Trump started his campaign we’ve had a multitude of so called Christian conservatives penning on their blogs how they, due to moral purity cannot ever vote for someone like Donald Trump. I’m not too sure what that’s supposed to mean because not one of the multitude know Trump personally. I suppose they have simply read and heard that he’s a bad guy, he’s immoral, he’s rude, arrogant, has a lousy hair style and all manner of stuff that defines him as a non-Christian. I read where one blogger wrote in all his spiritual wisdom that God never uses an unrepentant sinner to fulfill His will. I pointed out to the gentleman that God used Artaxerxes the king in allowing, and helping Nehemiah rebuild the wall at Jerusalem, yea, Artaxerxes even sent some captains of his army and horsemen to provide protection for Nehemiah’s journey. I also said that…

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump doesn’t have to be a Christian for God to use him.

  1. What a mess! Right? I DID agree with another post you had about Trump not having to be a Christian to be used of God. After all, God uses many less-than-perfect Christians from time to time, too, doesn’t He?

    Another thought, just remember how many presidents, kings, dictators, and other”leaders” have come and gone……Our Heavenly Father is still on the throne. All glory and praise to the ONE who rules it all!



    I grewup in Nigeria, so I know my roots and I am happy to be black!

    I am a black man but I am trying to put God first.

    The worst president spiritually in the last 20-30 is surely between Bushes & Obama.
    I am inclined to crown Obama as the worst because he has an inert hatred of Jesus.

    If Obama is not a moslem, he has at least Islamic Sympathiser.


    Trump is not a Christian neither is Clinton but he is way better than Clinton, I can’t stand Clinton.

    Trump will roll back the Islamic consessions Obama made, which is important he does.

    So yes God can use Trump and will to roll back all the Islamic consessions Obama made.

    I dont believe Trump is racist, he is nationalistic but not racist.
    If he were why will Ben Carson support him?

    I also have personal reasons why I support Trump.
    Trump is hilarious so the comedy factor with him will be erroneous

    Considering Christ, Trump is less evil and won’t pander to the NWO.
    And please I look forward to him cracking me up, so yes I am a Trump supporter.


    • That comedy factor is no small issue with the current level of distress in the world. I know that being able to laugh has gotten me through some really tough spots in life. Thank you for your comment! I agree that George Bush (and Bush senior) were both bad for this nation. And that is not something I saw at the time they were in office (for the most part). I was quite young when Sr. was in office but while “Dubya” was in, I still believed the “official” 9/11 narrative. I now am convinced that our own government was complicit in that horrible event. We can never take at face value what is being presented by our government. The thing is, Trump not being a part of the system, and the real “power” in government now being in the hands really of others besides the elected officials, I don’t know how much power and control he will have. But if he does replace key players, as every president does, that would (in theory, at least) restore a more level-headed leadership overall. Right now it really is a case of the inmates running the asylum. I can’t imagine how much worse it would get with Hillary in charge. She is fifty shades of crazy and a much worse nightmare than Obama. At least Obama stated his real agenda to select audiences, making the info available to any who bothered to seek it out, whereas I think Hillary tends to keep secrets even from the inner circle. To some extent, I believe Obama has been driven by personal ideals, albeit terribly misguided ones, whereas Hillary is all about power and greed and self-promotion. It’s been documented that Hillary held séances to contact Eleanor Roosevelt while living in the White House before.


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