The Race on the Milk Carton – The Omega Letter

Tucked away in Genesis 6 is a passage I’ve never heard discussed on Sunday morning. And I bet you haven’t either. One that discusses a species other than ours. One that describes half-breed offspring created by intermarriage of this foreign species with humans. One that calls those half-breed offspring a very specific name, the Nephilim. Which in Hebrew means “fallen ones”.

They appear, kind of out of nowhere, actually.  Reading along in Genesis 5 you get a perfectly straightforward account of the descendants of Adam as far as Noah. Then chapter 6, suddenly it seems that you may have mistaken your King James for the National Enquirer:[….]

Wendy Wippel: The Race on the Milk Carton

2 thoughts on “The Race on the Milk Carton – The Omega Letter

  1. I have no doubt Wendy has put deep study into this; and I’m sure she’s as correct as one can be about this. My brain is SO tired I don’t dare let my imagination start wandering. You know?: Hercules, Athena, and all those “fellers;” because these mythologies are derived from that time in Biblical history. Thank God for Noah’s family…..and those “angelic???” creatures are bound, aren’t they (my question here;) God help us, haven’t more of those ex-angels escaped to mess with humans. Surely the post-Noah humans couldn’t get this deranged and evil all by themselves.

    Please come soon, Lord Jesus. We need you. The Holy Spirit is keeping your people afloat in this sea of iniquity; but Lord, we want to be Home with you.


    • The angels which kept not their first estate are bound in everlasting chains. The giants (living) and demons (dead) are thought to be the offspring of those unions of the actual angels and human women, I believe those mythologies and (little-g) gods of old are, indeed, those angels who rebelled. Possibly not all of them who rebelled, mingled their DNA with human women the first time around, and did so later, or are yet to do so. (I believe that just as the Holy Spirit of God came upon Mary without a sexual act, the fallen ones witnessed that event and may not have “mated” in the “traditional sense”. But yeah, the post-Noah humans did have help. They were just as susceptible to the enticements of hidden knowledge when the devil’s co-horts offered it to them, as Adam and Eve were. And on it went to the current century and CERN dabbling with dark matter, and piercing the veil that separates the supernatural from terra firma. The blood-bought don’t have to worry about them. People have spotted all sorts of non-human and slightly-humanoid creatures for centuries. Where there is still salt and light, they are kept from going just anywhere they want to. Creatures of the night prefer to remain in darkness Only people who go looking for them or who have no salt or light are in danger from them. But the Christians who are sounding this alarm, are doing so for the benefit of “saving some with fear” snatching them from the fire, and for the sake of those who will encounter them unrestrained when the church is removed. Of course many today are so far gone, they seek this stuff out for the “fun of it”, much to their peril. And besides, the Lord has already told us to put down vain imaginations. It is not “vain” in the sense of being untrue, but for us, it is vain in that it doesn’t apply to us, they have no legal right to touch God’s redeemed. I say, if you don’t have a specific call to address those topics, you are perfectly entitled to not dwell on that sort of thing. He calls and He equips the called. If you ain’t equipped, you ain’t called, and you’re better off to leave it be. Too bad some of the “Christians” promoting that stuff never got that memo. They add to the confusion.


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