Well,Verizon, thanks for the memories!

Ten days. That and several 45 minute to one hour calls, some involving up to five transfers, without the courtesy of one CSR  conveying the issue to the next CSR,therefore necessitating multiple repetitions on my part.  Five promised “it’ll be fixed by’s”, 10 non-English accents and one, count them, one apology and finally several attempts to talk me into staying and when I said “absolutely not, discontinue my internet and landline”, why in 20 minutes that dial tone was gone like yesterday’s grace! Thank you 20 year valued Verizon customer!  Not even time to retrieve my email contacts.

So is this the Lord’s answer to my oft-asked prayer whether it is  time to stop end-time blogging? Well, strangely, I still have  a connection, although I suppose next week sometime I might have a Verizon truck out there and a tech dismantling the box.  Or maybe it’s just a God planned slight delay so I can squeeze in an update instead of simply disappearing on you guys. Verizon owns the lines so even if we contract with another carrier. Verizon still gets paid. So much for breaking up the Ma Bell monopoly. Verizon represents everything that is wrong with business in America these days. Big business and big bank in a menage a trois with big government.

Well, off to write the letter to Verizon that no one will read, and then one to the State corporation commission that someone may, but won’t make a difference anyway, other than getting it out of my system. I have fought these kinds of battles before, sometimes even with some measure of satisfactory reaction though nothing on an Erin Brockovich scale, mind you. Sometimes, though, a well-articulated letter does get through and make a difference.  We shall see!



3 thoughts on “Well,Verizon, thanks for the memories!

  1. Sandy, all I can say is that I feel your pain. Ten years ago, I went through a similar experience, then chose badly by going with AT&T. I am now on NuLink and, so far, so good.

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