3 thoughts on “The End Time: Does God speak in unidentified promptings?

  1. God has on a couple of occasions prompted me to study something in particular. It first comes as a random thought that I usually just file away until or if I need it. If it is from Him He reminds me by having that topic come up in my readings or other ways repeatedly until I finally get a clue and say ok, I’ll study on it. By study I mean pray for wisdom and discernment then research and search the Scriptures. Two such topics are the head covering and Hanukkah.

    • I would say that in those cases the “two or three witnesses” rule applies, and especially making sure it aligns with scripture. I like Elizabeth’s writings and her no-nonsense way of looking at things. She is an Aspie (Aspergers) so she admits that she speaks with utmost confidence. Also she is Calvinist. So I don’t agree with her on everything, but she cuts through a lot of nonsense.

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