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What is Better – Marriage or the Rapture?

Not long ago a young person asked if it was a sin to want the Lord to delay His return for the church because, for example, some body might want to get married first. That is a reasonable question, especially if you are young and considering such a step in life.

There are two ways to look at this. First, a young man or woman might say their main focus is the coming of Jesus for His church because we are to “love His appearing” (2 Timothy 4:8). That might make them appear to be very mature and spiritual, but deep down they really, really do want to get married first. It is not that they do not love His appearing, but there is this thing about marriage that they just want to experience.

The other way to look at this is to flat-out not want to hear about the Lord’s coming. A person may feel there is just too much to do and too many places to go and too many experiences, etc. Their feeling is that the Lord should come indeed, but not until they are old and unable to enjoy this life. It is like defaulting to second place when you are no longer able to enjoy first place.

The truth lies elsewhere. We are human beings with dreams and hopes and goals, and those are not bad things. God knows all about this because He is the one who placed such inclinations in our hearts. The truth is this…there is nothing inherently sinful about desiring these things, and there is nothing blasphemous about wanting to experience them.

And that leads to the real point: this is not an either/or decision. You can dream and work toward such things and not be in conflict with loving His appearing. When this is put to some kind of either/or test the whole idea of loving His appearing becomes a legalistic ball and chain that has nothing to do with real love for Jesus at all. And that is the beauty of marrying someone who has the same faith and hope. You enjoy your marriage while at the same time loving His appearing together.

So go ahead and dream and plan according to His leading, and leave the timing to Him. You are not offending God. And don’t allow Satan to make it an either/or decision thus removing the joy of the Christian life, whether that joy has to do with regular earthly life or life with Him in person.

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    • I think it is important especially for young Christians to know it is not a conflict between wanting the good gifts God has for us in this life versus the good gifts of our eternal inheritance. I’m glad he wrote this!

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