It is almost over for the Christian, and about to be hell-on-earth for the lost…who has the Lord laid on your heart?

If there is anybody in your life that the Lord has laid on your heart for salvation, someone you have not shared the gospel with that you know you are supposed to, it is time to do that right now.

A lot of the sources I read and watch, are saying we are at Def Con 3 under threat of Nuclear War.  Other sources say Obama has signed executive orders for Martial Law in case of “space-weather events”, and we already know there is a high risk of some event being used as an excuse to suspend the election, and the economic situation is very dire.

The following video is a man in Pastor Lawson’s church, preaching about the need for revival.  It is a powerful testimony, and the Holy Spirit is in it.  For such a time as this!