2 thoughts on “What in the world is going on? Q&A Part II – YouTube

  1. Really appreciate Amir’s updates and perspective on the M/East and prophetic bible scriptures. But on another point that he raised on this video, about remembering the moment of salvation if one is truly saved, I disagree.

    Amir says that moment should be highly memorable, and that if a person doesn’t remember that exact moment, he/she may, in fact, not be saved. But not everyone’s salvation experience is like this. Sometimes there is a gradual awakening, a gradual turning. Thinking of my own example, raised as a nominal Christian, I was gradually drawn and began to read the Bible for myself. Then around a certain time-frame, I repented, asked Jesus for forgiveness and salvation, and have tried to live humbly for the Lord the best I can. I have no doubt in my heart of hearts I am saved even if I can’t remember a specific, dramatic moment. Maybe for others, though, who were from another faith, such as Amir, I can see that their forsaking of their previous faith, and turning to Jesus, would be a dramatic memory. Same also for those who maybe hit a horrible crisis point in their life and then turn in desperation to Jesus. In a lot of testimonies like these that I’ve read, people usually have a dramatic memory of the moment they turn to Jesus for salvation.


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