If we couldn’t laugh we would all be insane

As a matter of fact, yes I am resorting to quoting lines from Jimmy Buffet songs.  But it is less than two weeks from one of the most pivotal events this world may ever have seen, and nerves are a bit frayed all around.  So.  Don’t judge me.

I have tried for the last few weeks to really balance out the heavy stuff with edifying posts in the form of sermons.  I have seen a surge in new followers, which tells me it is likely the sermons they are coming here for!  Perhaps that, and also maybe they are trying to figure out the crazy lady that does this blog.

I was sitting around yesterday not feeling much like getting into anything too taxing around the house, being in one of my typical low ebbs of energy that come from time to time, and so I was kind of bored and started looking through pictures on my phone.  Still using an “ancient” LG flip phone, the camera is terrible, but I do use it occasionally.  After I looked at the pictures I started making silly faces and took a picture that brought to mind a character in a comedy routine of the Comedian Jeff Dunham.  Ya’ll know him?  Jef-fa-fa and his dead terrorist puppet Ach-med (spelled “a”…”c”…”phlegm”….) , and his Jose the Jalapeno…on a stick, and crazy manic Peanut, Grumpy Walter, and then there is Bubba…..


It’s been a long time since I watched any of Dunham’s routines.  His very earliest stuff was relatively “clean”, but as usual, the more bits he put on video, the more raunchy they got. Anyhoo, there’s Bubba-j.  He hails from West Virginia as I recall.

And here’s the “making faces” shot of me:


I think we may be related!

My teeth are waaaaay better than his though, don’t you think?


3 thoughts on “If we couldn’t laugh we would all be insane

  1. Growing up we used to say ‘laugh so you don’t cry’—the comic relief. Great post for the times in which we live.


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