He is Standing By

The Lord is calling to you.  Are you a child of His?  He is calling you to pray.  He is saying, try Me.  How I would love to deliver you.  The Lord Jesus died for you.  The Holy Spirit is talking to you.  He is pleading for you to come home to Him.

Are you lost?  Have you never known Him?  Do you think you have no chance, no business asking God for anything?  He wants you to come.  Time is nearly up.  Come quickly!

God is here, draw near to Him, and He will so gladly draw near to you.

Are you despairing for this nation?  Fearful?  Cry out to Him.  He wants to extend mercy.  He wants to impart Grace to you, to this nation, to this lost world.  Christians, pray!  Pray for mercy on America.  Believers all over the world are praying for America.  If we could see into the spiritual realm right now, I believe we would be awed at the all-out war that is taking place in the spiritual realm right now.  Imagine the sounds we have heard, that sound like trumpets and clashing swords.  I think the Lord has given us a glimpse.  That He has allowed some of us to see and hear things that are just the other side of that veil which separates the world we inhabit, and the supernatural realm.  People are praying. God is listening.  The outcome of this election is not decided by man.  Every “power that be” is trying, but God is still God Almighty and He is still on His throne.  We sit on the very cusp of the edge.  This week itself may be the pivot.  Pray.  Pray and cry out to God. What happens between now and the coming tribulation, depends on whether God’s people pray.

His wrath is surely coming, but in this moment, His grace still holds.  Soon enough, those who are His are going to leave this Earth.  Those who are left will experience the most horrific time in the history of mankind!

If you ignore Him now, if you put Him off one more time, it may be too late, forever too late.

Call on Jesus today.  Please. He is talking to someone.  Somewhere there is someone, one last person, someday, who is going to reach out and receive that which He is offering, and the Lord’s going to say, that’s the last of them, Son, go bring ’em home.  Bring my children Home.

Put your faith in the finished work of Christ who died to bear the penalty for your sins.  You live in a time the Bible calls the age of Grace.  But His cup of wrath is nearly to that tipping point over the sinfulness of this world, the rebellion of His creatures.  He is going to set things right.  You are either for Him, or you are against Him, and lost, and will remain here when the Believers are removed, and when the sorrows and tribulation begins, you will know in a heartbeat, it is too late.  Now is your chance to turn to Him.  Cry out, get under the blood of the lamb, the Passover Lamb is Jesus, Messiah.  Someone else is going to rise up whom people will believe is the Christ, but he will the Antichrist.

You know how you are.  You know the truth.  You know what you need to do, please don’t miss what could be your final chance.

Don’t be “almost persuaded”.  Don’t let the Savior pass you by.  Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  Repent of your sin and ask Him to save you.