Very Cautiously Optimistic

I’ve not been doing much writing for the past few months.  My voice is not what people needed.  I have probably posted more, but I have spend a lot less time doing it.  When I pray consistently and fervently about something, often God will eventually give me a release in my Spirit when that lets me know that my petition has been duly registered, and an answer has been dispatched.  Notice I did not say, He lets me know the answer, just that an answer is determined and will be forthcoming in His time.  I am not boasting when I say that I have spent a very significant amount of time petitioning the Lord on behalf of America for the past eight years.

I have Christian acquaintances and friends who, that I know of, do not feel that burden to pray for this nation, and instead they still cling to a belief in some invincibility they persist in attributing to this nation  Those same people will never know the magnitude of the “bullet” we just dodged.

My hope is that Donald Trump will do all he can to fulfill the promises he has made.  A businessman who is as successful as he is, doesn’t get there by failing to follow through.  He obviously has been “teachable” in listening to his advisers, and reigning in his loose cannon tendencies.  These are all good signs.

But make no mistake.  It was prayer, and God’s grace and mercy, which He prefers to extend whenever we exhibit the willingness to appeal to Him, that painted the map red last night.

I stayed up until they called it for Trump. After three a.m.  I wasn’t about to go to bed, only to wake up and see some craziness during the wee hours had snatched away the victory, and I certainly wanted to say thank you to the Lord for His mercy. I posted a video late last night before the announcement of Trumps win, that asserted the videos by Steve Piecznik were all just Psy-0ps, an attempt to mislead the vigilant and encourage them to let down their guard.  Don’t worry, it was a coup, but we’ve handled it now, so put your guns away.

Frankly, I have no idea whether it was true nor what the truth is behind so much of the filthy revelations via Wikileaks regarding Hillary.  I can tell you one thing, though.  I listened to Tim Kaine in his speech before Hillary’s concession speech.  And he is clearly as delusional as ever, as are those who sat in the audience and cried because Hillary did not win. Kaine praised Hillary’s devotion to “families and children”!  And Hillary kept right on lying when it was her turn to speak talking about how important it is that people be able to practice their religion.  All except for Christians, of course!.  Kaine used an example out of the New Testament about the vineyard owner who hired people at the last minute and paid them the same as the workers who had worked the full day. He compared Hillary to that Vineyard owner.  Who, by the way, is a “type” or metaphor for God Himself, in the way that He is generous and more than fair with us.  The irony is utterly lost on Kaine, Hillary, and all of those in the audience shouting their love to her and vowing to “keep fighting”..

Make no mistake.  This is merely a reprieve.  There is still a lot of praying to be done.  People who go to Washington end up part of the establishment eventually.  I do not expect there to be a lot of reversal of what Obama has done.  It is not the death of globalism as Ann Coulter claims.  We know this, because we look at these developments through the lens of Bible Prophecy.  The pendulum swings, and the arc may seem to go slowly, but only because it is so wide.  The wide swings may ultimately delay the inevitable just a little while, but the extremes, as we have seen these past four years, are getting lethal.  The sheer number of bizarre things that took place in these past eight years are unequivocally indicators of our having gone somewhere we as a world, we have never been previously.

But I am grateful for what feels like a moment to catch my breath, aren’t you?  I cannot imagine what the candidates feel that moment the results are verified.  Despite what any of us thinks of Hillary or Trump, the demands of the appearance schedule, the pressures and the attacks, even if things that are true, wrong, and criminally wrong, this  being exposed  all of that has to add up to exhaustion! I believe both sides were supernaturally sustained.  God allowed it.  Whether friends and associates of Hillary, or she herself were performing Spirit Cooking Rituals, incantations, calling up hoards of demons, participating in pedophilia,  God  allowed the curtain to be lifted and this glimpse into the “sausage-making procedure” of 21st Century politics in the battle of the Elites vs the rest of us, and I think it proves that Americans are not nearly as impervious nor as apathetic about the creep of immorality and debauchery and lawlessness, as television, Hollywood, Washington, and the devil himself, would like us to believe we are. Knowing or even wondering if Hillary was into pedophelia, and things demonic, apparently was deemed creepy enough by enough people, to sway them to go vote for Trump.  It’s a good sign that there is a discernable pulse of conscience left but lets not get carried away.  We all posses a dangerous (deadly) sin nature. Anyone who thinks to themselves, “I would never do anything as sick as that!”, better be careful.  If you believe that, you are exactly the person who has not yet grasped the concept of total depravity.  In us, that is in this flesh, dwells NO Good Thing!

Now, calling a spade a spade, as per the example of our illustrious new POTUS-elect, White America has been vilified.  Especially non college-educated whites, and especially white males.  I really hope that some of the rats will crawl back into their holes and just stay there for a while.  We have established a new standard, and even the rats seem to be behaving a little better today.   I don’t think many blacks are the haters some whites have made them out to be, and neither are whites the haters some blacks have made them out to be.  I think there is a hestitancy though, a guardedness, until we can figure out which way the wind blows when we meet someone who is different from ourselves. This black/white divide,  was a paradigm purposely resuscitated by the Obama administration and globalists. .

Isn’t it also interesting how Glenn Beck was so prominent in the tea party days, and then after the Tea Party was co-opted, he became such a moderate and then a total anti-Trumper?

I believe God turned some lights back on in America last night.  A lot of people didn’t even know how badly they have been stumbling around in the dark.

God is the one who sets people up. As to Beck, God used a Mormon, not because he was a Mormon, but I feel that Glenn Beck really did a service to this nation in reminding us of our history, and filling in the huge gaps for those who never were taught history in the more recent generations.

God sets up rulers, and He takes them down. We did get the leader the nation, on the whole, wanted in Obama these last nearly eight years.  We are still on the same trajectory to prophetic fulfillment in relation to Israel and other nations of the Middle East.  Israel is still God’s time clock.  And Obama still has many weeks in which to lay the final groundwork for the next developments over there.  America will not instantaneously recover the influence and power she once had.  What we have possibly done, though, is slowed down the deconstruction of America, preserved a chance of retaining some religious liberty, reaffirmed the Constitution, and firmly established that there are enough people who are not on board with enough of the current administrations policies that they were simply not going to sit home and stay silent.

The map was red, ya’ll!  Not purple, not blue, Red with little patches of blue.  Even now, I don’t believe the report that Hillary won the popular vote.  But to quote herself, what difference, at this point, does it make?

I am pleased that there were no riots, no cities on fire.  I know that there were people who have dual citizenship, who viewed this election important enough to register and absentee-vote.  There probably were a significant number who voted illegally, voted multiple times, and there were probably areas where machines were rigged.  But none of that is an obstacle to God.

I also figured that even among Virginia’s criminals with their newly-restored voting privileges, and America’s Hispanics and Latinos whom the left assumed were  “in the bag” for Hillary, there were plenty of people who saw this as their best chance to “stick it to the man” or assert their autonomy by voting Donald Trump.

You know how God has judged man through the ages by the degree of the dispensation of revelation about Himself of their age?  He gave Adam and Eve perfection, and one singular temptation.  They sinned.  He gave the law, we broke it.  Right now, we are under grace, but we have surely progressed beyond Sodom and Gomorrah, and the time of Noah, yet because it is the age of grace, His cup of wrath has not yet run over.  Even during the reign of Christ, scripture tells us Christ will rule with a rod of iron, where the slightest move into or toward sin, will be nipped in the bud instantaneously without hesitation.

I sort of get the feeling this is what God is doing in America.  Proving us to ourselves for the faithless people we are.  9/11 seemed like a wake up call, but it wasn’t.  And few people will ever know the bullet we may just have dodged here in America.  So, we slowed the hemorrhage, but it is far from over.

Watchmen cannot afford to let down the guard now.  This is for you guys, and was sent by fellow blogger Jean-Louis who has frequently contributed here.

A personal perspective on blog writing and discouragement in the process

Written by Jean-Louis, circa August 2010

This is what I am supposed to do even though the reward will come later at the time of God´s own choosing.

Things, people change, circumstances and landscape will certainly change as the seasons of the year , but the gifts that God gave us remain.

It needs to be practiced, improved and even refined through difficult discipline and constant reach for excellence even though I can´t see the face, hear the voice of my readers and count on positive feedback through comments and critiques except from a few faithful and grateful friends who support me through prayer and kind words.

Another more comforting thought came to mind. That my Lord Jesus, the master teacher could be pleased with my writing. After all, most of it is a commentary of a sort, not a critique, but a way of understanding explaining, elaborating first to myself with the Holy Spirit as guide and instructor the thoughts of God that come as the form of insights with the meditating upon His Word and then sharing with my readers.

This is my part in obeying God and thinking about the most pure, true, holy, excellent of good repute things that Paul talked about in Philippians.

Think of it: God allowing me to write commentaries, notes about His Word that I cherish as my most important treasure in my life and in this world and not being displeased.

It is like a little child that wants to know and understand the secrets of life and comes to His Father to ask questions. Then, as part of the conversation, He listens to what the Father has to say and as a way of letting his Father he understand, he tells him in his own words what he heard His Father say. How patient and gracious our Father is! How full of mercy and understanding He is with us!

It is like us saying Amen! A feedback of agreement and acquiescence amplified that we acknowledge and receive the revelation of who He is in and through His eternal Word, like finding that the puzzle is taking shape all along life´s learning as the Holy Spirit reveals His wisdom, His will and His ways to us.

It gives a sense of security, of being understood and heard without the preconceived notions, the prejudices that are so prevalent in human beings without all the limitations and rules imposed by well-intentioned people to judge and control others.

When we understand that our Lord Jesus is our very best friend, even if we feel abandoned or neglected by the ones we love and at times feel the weight of loneliness, His presence in us is a reminder of His comforting words to His disciples: I will never leave you alone. Peace and joy are ours, we are complete in Him, we lack nothing, we are rich even though we own nothing that we are not going to lose or leave behind one day. Our life is hidden in Him in the heavenlies.

Then, we are not anxious about whether people love us, appreciate us or approve of us. What matters is what our Father thinks of us, whether we obey Him, whether we seek to please Him and do what He commands , whether we preach His word, serve our fellow-man, wait for His return while busy at doing His work as He commanded and being grateful and praising Him, rejoicing in the knowledge that He  “will make known to us the path of life; and that In His presence is fullness of joy; In His right hand there are pleasures forever”,  Psalm 16:11(NASB).

.May God be blessed and glorified in America again!

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