Homeschooling Population Doubles

I did the home-schooling for a single year, when there had been some issues during the middle-school years.  I was not well when my kids were that age, and  I did not have the confidence (or maybe the faith?) to do it all the way through.  However, as I told one of my home-schooling friends, those Home Schooled kids will probably be the saving of this country.  The author of the following article seems to agree.  I have huge admiration and respect for homeschooling parents.   The town we live in is the same one I grew up in, and has always been considered by all the surrounding school systems, to be “backward and behind the times”  I consider that a saving grace and fortunately much of the garbage being taught and promoted in the more “current” schools across the nation, has been very late arriving here.–S. T. Lloyd

According to a report just released by the Department of Education, nearly two million students are now being homeschooled in America.

Source: Homeschooling Population Doubles