A good time to watch paint dry

After the election was finally come and gone,  I find myself really just wanting to skip the news for a while altogether.  We have been planning to paint the dining room, and my husband took off some days after election day (you know, in case he needed to shelter in place, lol) and so we got it done.  It’s not as easy as it might have been at one time.  We live in a really old house and the ceilings are high, and there is not a lot of space.  I love having pictures of family and artwork around me, so we have several shelves that are pretty high and require me to climb up on a chair to put things up, or take them down to clean and put back.  So a whole day was me taking everything down, then a couple of days of him prepping and painting, while I cleaned all of the things I took down, then the final touch-ups after it all dried, and then a couple of days of me putting things up, rearranging, and deciding some things to get rid of.  That kind of stuff is exhausting, and flares up my fibromyalgia pain, so I didn’t finish until yesterday, (well, I have one more picture to hang)  and so whatever posting I have gotten done has been in between the other stuff, and not much.

And that’s okay, because I needed the break.  And my husband and I are working on some things too, relationship-wise, so there is the additional toll of that.  The good news is, we’re getting some things addressed.  Both task-wise and relationship-wise.

I have a prayer request.  You may recall I had some concern about being able to get my medicine I need for my narcolepsy.  I was notified the grant would not be automatically renewed, and funds are limited, so applications will be accepted starting in December and grants given on a first come-first served basis.

I’ve set myself several reminders.  So I can get my application in early, but I would love if you would pray for me about this.  It’s a pretty big deal in how it would effect my quality of life if I could no longer get it.  The pricing is unfortunately one of those drugs that the law allows the one source and the government subsidizes them on top of that, but sets no limits on the pricing.  Since Narcolepsy is still considered a rare condition, which it isn’t as rare as it used to be, the grants are available through a coalition that exists solely for the purpose of providing help for treatment of rare conditions.  They add more conditions along the way, also, which limits the per-patient grant amounts available I guess.  Not to mention the slumping economy.

Looking forward to having our Army son home for a while over the coming holidays.  I can’t hardly even fathom that it is the middle of November already.  Getting that election over with sure did seem to eliminate that drag on time. Prior to that it sort of felt like we’d never get there.   And of course, we aren’t “there” yet.

God is faithful.  I’m so thankful for His grace.  I am thankful for His Word.  I am thankful for the encouraging news that our son’s two immediate NCO’s are both unapologetic and outspoken Christians.  That’s a specific answer to prayer.  I’m thankful that I have had some good conversations with our other son, still at home, lately and he is getting a plan, (just graduated this year) starting with college enrollment for Spring classes.  He was back and forth for a while whether he wanted Military or College, or something else like full-time work for a year before deciding.  Watching your kid turn into an adult, seeing them grow into what it is God created them to become, is a really neat thing. Watching them become comfortable with themselves as the discover their unique wiring and interests and talents is encouraging, and hearing them speak intelligently with personal observations on things like politics or how to handle money, or any of the things you hope they heard, is gratifying. Even if they disagree with you, when they can give you the grounds for why, it is still gratifying. It shows you succeeded in teaching them to think, not what to think. Watching them launch is scary and intimidating and sometimes hard on the heart, lol, but still a cool experience.  God is faithful.  Love covers a multitude of sins.  Love of God makes up for a multitude of failures and shortcomings on our part.So does prayer.I’m so thankful He doesn’t give up on us. That when He sees a change of heart in us, He also knows our limits and when to let up.  He knows when we need a season of rest and when we need a kick in the pants.   He is so ready to give, if we will only trust and rely on and submit to Him.  Slow learners, we are!  Sometimes God doesn’t change your situation because He is trying to change your heart instead.  How good are you at letting Him?



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