(Kinda) New Feature

A little over 9 months ago, I started a new feature here but purposely did not make any announcement about it because I knew that it would take a while to make progress.  I added the new section to the menu under the header, but most folks who are subscribers, come by my posts via either their WordPress reader or individual e-mails for each post, so therefore they probably seldom consult that menu.

I also didn’t bring attention to it because one purpose of this blog has been for my personal writings, but when you write about things while they are still raw, you don’t necessarily want to discuss them in a back-and-forth conversation, and you want to just express them, get them into words as a way of processing them.  I guess that you could say that is sort of what I have been doing with this new feature.  It may seem that I have done a lot less “original writing” and that would definitely seem to be the case if you only view the main blog stream.  WordPress blogs offer a virtually limitless number of “pages” you can have on your blog, though.  And so I could write page after page, which would not be accessible unless or until I either sent out a link, or added the links somewhere in my blog menu.

The “new” feature is called “The Morning Glory Memoirs”. And this is where I have chosen to tuck away the more personal writing that I still sometimes do on the blog.  It is the kind of stuff friends share with one another, and it is the kind of stuff not everyone is going to be interested in reading, while others will read and find they relate to it in a way that is comforting and helpful in that it puts into words some of their own feelings and experiences.  On average I find I get the urge to write something along those lines (currently) about once every four to six weeks.

So, just letting folks know it is there.  If you enjoyed reading my blogged autobiography Purple Morning Glories and Gold Ladybugs, the Morning Glory Memoirs is essentially a continuation of that, in sharing my experiences and reflections in day to day life.  Pages allow “likes” but not comments.  And that seems fitting for sharing things of a more personal nature.
Being open doesn’t always mean someone wants to open themselves up for analysis, commentary and criticism. Sometimes you just want to share yourself with others for whatever it might be worth to someone.  That’s how God created us to be with one another, and relate.  Especially us womenfolk.  God has used my writing, such as it is, to minister to others at times, and I want to continue to offer that as long as He inspires me to write, and in whatever way He might use it.  So I offer these things up for His glory alone. Give of what you have.  That’s all anyone can do.