The A B C Questions

It would sure be great if we got that great awakening, and I think it is possible that we are! Just having the early rumblings of discrimination against Christians in this nation seems to have lit a fire in some to stand firm no matter what the cost. There are ways America could rebound still, and America/Wall Street is the essence and embodiment of Babylon the Great. Trump is probably the most famous, widely recognized example of financial success of the current age. If we were to tap our oil resources, we could pay off the debt, add that to the economic incentives and changes to the tax system Trump proposes, and it seems quite doable! A nation that repents and honors God is prosperous, but a nation that is prosperous also inevitably forgets God again. So, it would be true to pattern if it worked out the way you postulate! We will know soon. Sort of holding my breath until the time Obama actually vacates the people’s house, though! These crazy times we are in can change on a dime.

Terry James Prophecy Line

We are moving into stranger and stranger times, I sense from consideration of recent developments. Chief among those developments is the most obvious–the election of the candidate thought to have no chance at all just a few months previous. Yet here he is, poised to Make America Great Again–as his presidential campaign slogan would have it.

This being the case, I would ask that you indulge me just a bit, as I would like to construct a scenario or two based as much in biblically prophetic truth as in fictional cogitation. 

That America has been forced toward movement into the globalist mold over the past several decades is without question in my view. This has especially been the case during the past eight years of the Obama administration. The nation’s sovereignty has been in process of usurpation by the new world order builders through a series of quasi-legitimate executive…

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